May 23, 2008

one rainy spring day

it's been raining non-stop since yesterday afternoon. pretty wierd for a los angeles weather. usually we are in the 90's already by this time of the year. but last night it wasn't only raining hard, there's also lightning and thunder. i even told my husband "parang nasa manila tayo!!" then while watching the news, 2 tornados was seen somewhere in the san bernardino county then hail and snow was also noted all over los angeles county! grabe na talaga ito..super weird ng panahon!

and what's the better way to beat this cold rainy day......NILANG BAKA for lunch!!

now that hubby and i are both full, there's nothing to do but to jump back in bed and cuddle up the whole day!!!

oh...i forgot i have a mandatory annual skills fair at the hospital today around 4pm! nakaktamad...but it's a must that i attend this!

and tonight is the second game between lakers and spurs!!! praying talaga for my lakers team!!!

May 22, 2008

lakers = pizza and buffalo wings

hubby and i decided to have a pizza and buffalo wings for dinner last night. it was also the first game between the lakers and spurs. lakers was down 20 points during the third quarter..but good thing they were able to to pull it off and win the game!!!

i'm so proud of you my dear lakers team!!!

from round table pizza

king arthur pizza

24 pcs. buffalo wings....for us this is the best buffalo wings ever!!!

mmmm...sarap ng pizza!!!

the next game will be on friday....cross my fingers for the lakers!!

May 21, 2008

viva las vegas day 2


woke up around 11am and by the time we got down our hotel room it's almost 1pm already. my husband ask me where do i want to each lunch buffet. but since we are planning to eat seafood buffet for dinner, i told him that i prefer not to eat buffet for lunch and just eat snacks to save space for our big dinner meal.

even before going to vegas, we remember seeing this show in food network channel that showcased this 99cents footlong hotdog in vegas. so we asked our front desk if she knows such place. luckily, she knows exactly where it is.

so we went to this small casino that houses that "world famous" hotdod stand. as it's advertised the 1/2 pound footlong hotdog is only 99cents. hubby got two thinking that one hotdog won't be enough for him.....hehehehe he could not even finish one, i on the other hand could really only eat half of it. it's really good and worth the price!!!

after our hotdog experience we are off to the M&M's world.

"high five" m&m

i bought a blue and green m&m's mug. i wanted the yellow one pero boy ang features ng face nya and the green one has the only female face features, tapos yung red naman galit yung face, kaya i settle with the green one nalang.

after that we headed for the MGM and New York - New York hotel. while walking hubby stopped by addidas store to purchase a new track jacket

las vegas liberty

MGM's golden lion

not so crowded las vegas strip

then we headed for the Circus-Circus hotel to play some arcade games.

hubby won the basketball game and got me this price!!
but since it's a weekday there's not much people in circus-circus...boring and most of the games are closed. the one's that are open since there would only be few players super liit ng prices na stuff toy. so after winning the basketball game and watching one free acrobatic show, we headed down to the casino to gamble nalang....and glad to say we won about $200 in this hotel!!!
after that i called our afternoon over and asked hubby to go back to our hotel to rest for few hours and to get ready for our seafood dinner buffet.
after a short rest and quick shower again, we headed to Rio Seafood buffet. for $38 dollars each plus the cost of drinks and tax and was so worth it!! imagine having all you can eat king crab legs, lobster tails, shrimps and assorted fish fillets. doon palang super busog na talaga kami and the dessert is so favorites are their creme brule, geleto station and their pastries are too pretty to eat!! i wanted to take a picture of everything but we were too concentrated in our meal that i totally forgot to take my camera out of my purse.
since we are feeling super heavy after that seafood buffet, we decided to go visit the downtown las vegas.

we heard that you can actually win in this casinos, since this is were the locals go to and that's the way to make sure that the locals come back. true to it's saying, we won about $400 while casino hopping here.

after this we went back to Sahara hotel since hubby signed up for the 11pm texas holden poker tournament. i on the other hand decided to call it a night for i was so tired that time.

then around 2:30am i was awaken by my cellphone was my husband telling me to come down to the casino. so there i got myself ready once again. and we gambled our winning away!!! aaahhh super sama ng loob ko kay eric...medyo inaway ko pa kasi sabi ko kung hindi mo ako ginising hindi sana matalo yung money na napanalunan namin!!!

well before really calling our night done...we headed to South Point Hotel since our friend told us that they serve a $4.99 steak and eggs dinner meal. hubby got that plate and i got the $2.99 pancake with sausage plate. it was so good since it was so cheap....

around 4am we were knock out in our hotel bed.


thanks dyes for passing this to me!!!

1. What do you want for your birthday? my two B's (bahay and baby)

2. Who will be your next kiss? hubby

3. When was the last time you went to the mall? last week

4. Are you wearing socks right now? nope

5. How did you spend your summer? summer is just coming up in where i live..hopefully, few quick getaways this year

6. Have you been to the cinema in the last 5 days? no

7. What was the last thing you had to drink? manggo juice

8. What are you wearing right now? shorts and tank top

9. What was your last purchase? food, went grocery shopping few days ago

10. What was the last food you ate? pizza and buffalo wings

11. Who would be the person you would call if you were up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep? anybody from work, i know their awake...graveyard nurse kasi eh!!

12. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? yup, summer clothes for our vegas trip

13. Do you have a pet? no, not allowed dito sa apartment

14. What made you laugh in the last 5 days? last laugh was when i was making harutan time with husband this morning

15. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? manila

16. What is the last thing you purchased online? crocs for my pamangkins...sadly the package is still nowhere to be found...until now :(

17. One thing you hate about yourself? eyebrows... kapal kasi...i always need to have it waxed (magastos na masakit!!)

18. Do you miss anyone? my parents

19. What are your plans for the day? do nothing...just relax, eat and sleep!!! perfect day!!

20. Last person you msg’d? my ate milan..asking if she got the package from

21. Ever went to a camp? nope

22. Are you a good student in school? syempre naman

23. What do you know about the (your) future? that i will be the best me that i could ever be

24. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne? nope at this moment

25. Where is/are your best friend/s right now? hubby is inside our bedroom

tagal ko ng hindi nag meme....snag it if you want, feels like everyone already answered this eh...last na naman ako!!! hehehehe


since my mom will be having a quick 2 weeks vacation in manila, i took the opportunity to send my nieces and nephews their birthday gifts for this year. as expected, when i emailed them on what they would want to get, they all requested for crocs shoes.

i ordered all their crocs directly at last may 7, 2008. it stated that estimated delivery date will be may 19, 2008. since my mom will be flying may 21, i thought that i won't have any problem with the package and my mom will be getting it before her flight. so and behold...until today the package is no where to be found. i called fedex already because according to their site, the package was already delivered, but still no package at my sister's house. the representative told me that they are investigating it and will call me back when they find the package.

aaaahhhh....naasar talaga...they are expecting to receive their crocs..kaya to compensate, i just told my mom to give each of them dollars nalang.

buwisit, i'm just planning to ship it back once my sister receives the package and hopefully get a refund for it!!

so to joey, meggie, biboy, von-von and alexis....sorry kung walang crocs..but you will be receiving enough funds to buy crocs there in manila (hopefully the same price from here in the US) babawi nalang si tita next time!! love you all....

viva las vegas day 1

05.14.08 we left los angeles around 3:30am for our 4 hour drive to las vegas, nevada. we were planning to leave around 6am since our hotel room won't be available until 3pm. but out of our excitement, we left early to be in vegas early as well!!!

it was a fun drive since theres hardly no cars in the freeway and the sunrise drive at the desert was breathtaking!!!

around 7am we were already at las vegas strip.....we were so happy since it's been 2 1/2 year since our last much had changed...there's so many new hotels to visit now!!

we are booked at sahara hotel so we went there to try if we can check-in early, the representative told us that 12pm is the earliest that we can get our while waiting for our room to be ready, we headed for their breakfast buffet. for $11 each...not bad...typical continental breakfast meals are there...i enjoyed their omelette station..super yummy!!! after being super full from the breakfast and still having 2 more hours to kill, we looked for the nearest target store to buy new swimsuits, since i forgot to bring our swimwear.

around 11:30 we tried again to check-in and the front desk was able to give us a room. so when we went up to our room...bad trip, our room was facing the back of the hotel and not the strip... i wanted to get another room, but hubby told me na we should just settle for that room since we will only be there of 2 nights only with the point of we will only be here to sleep naman..."ok" so i agreed. (i guess the punishment for making kulit to the front dest in checking-in early!!)

tired from not getting sleep for the night and driving....we snoozed our afternoon away..........

woke up around 4:30pm..we got ourselves ready for a long night of fun...first stop Harrah's "Flavors" Buffet. we always eat here since they are the only buffet we know that serve banana fosters for dessert. and we got super busog from all the food...and to die for ang kanilang dessert area. after eating we gambled the whole night at harrah's, flamingo, paris, and lastly to sahara hotel.

ended our night around 4am....

May 17, 2008

mr. dj

may 10 '08 the whole gang decided to have an 80's disco night at tribal cafe!! our night was spent listening to 80's manila beat music while eating our tapsilog dinner then afterwards dancing our night away!!

the crazy peeps of Los Angeles

joseph, angel, and levan

katz and levan

'd pretty girls

mommy yogi with jamaica

mr. hubby dj can i make a request?

"the mushroom" eric, mas, laurence, and ion

with anggo and joanne

fooling around the dance floor with zen and billy

it was such a fun home around 3am just to greet my husband happy first church wedding anniversary!!

May 11, 2008

i do

to hubby and i
happy first year church wedding anniversary!!

and as we always whisper in each others ears......
"all my days
and all my nights
and my tomorrows
will all begin and ends
with you....."

love you babes!!!

May 9, 2008

day with the nature

"the huntington museum and botanical garden"

yesterday i woke up early to tackle our kitchen and living room for it's spick and span cleaning session. and in the midst of cleaning my brother-in-law (ronald) called us to ask if we are schedule to work that night. after telling him that we are both off, he invited us for a japanese lunch date. we decided to go to Kabuki japanese restaurant since it's close to our place and they offer 50% on all their sushi during lunch time.

after enjoying our very sumptious lunch, our bill did not reflect the supposed to be 50% discount. we asked our waiter about it and he then told us that they no longer do that promotion!!! hahahah.... so ayun...ronald ended up paying the full amount!!! ok lang naman daw kasi super sarap ng mga sushi's!!!

after our meal, all out of the blue, he invited us to go to "the huntington museum and botanical garden". he wanted me to bring my camera so that he can try it out since he's been wanting to buy a dslr. so there we go, but we got there around 3pm already and the park closes at 4:30pm. i didn't know that there are so many garden and museums to go to that you need to schedule a whole day event to finish all the exhibits. so we just went to the chinese garden and their main museum. by the time we finish it's closing time already....

super bitin and time namin so eric promised that we will go back there...

to see more pics click here

May 3, 2008


tweety bird manage to strike a pose for me this morning. good thing my telephoto lens was loaded that time and was able to capture few shots. i was behind our screen window while taking this shot, that's why there it's somewhat blurry.

cute noh?