December 29, 2007

Reflections on 2007

Snagged this from mommy yen

1. List five happy memories of 2007.

  • graduated nursing school and passed my RN NCLEX board exam
  • renewed our vows in front of God and family and friends
  • had fun during our month long carefree vacation in manila
  • got preggy (inspite of having miscarriage)
  • got hired as a RN on a floor that i really want to work to..add to that our financial stability now that both of us are working as a nurse now!!!
2. Describe four things you’ve learned this year.
  • learned that money does not make you will
  • learned how to scrapbook digitally
  • still learning photography
  • learning how to become a better wife

3. Which three relationships in your life have changed the most this year

  • with my love grew deeper now that i vowed my love to him in front of God already
  • my side of the family (don't know about this...we're ok, but still i feel like its in the gray side)
  • that's it..can't think of any other relationship that changed

4. Name two new places you went this year

  • malate, manila (we got married in malate church and that was my first time there)
  • the new malls in manila...grabe the best talaga ang malls there...the best!!

5. What one thing you’ve done this year are you most proud of

  • to stand and fight for what i believe is right

to all my visitors and currently reading this...wishing you all the health and wealth this coming new year of 2008

December 28, 2007

Feast One Hundered & Seventy Three

"Fish Salad" (somewhere underneath it all is a steamed striped bass fish)


Name 2 things you would like to accomplish in 2008.

~ to be able to buy a brand new house

~ get preggy


With which cartoon character do you share personality traits?

~ Chuckie Finster of Rugrats---i am always the rule follower in the group and would do everything to get away from any confrontations or trouble!!


What time of day (or night) were you born?

~ i have no idea..seriously!! need to check my birth certificate for that!!!

Main Course

Tell us something special about your hometown.

~ Makati City, Philippines - "best city of all"

~ Pasadena, CA - "home of the tournament of roses parade every january it..because i haven't watch it in person, ever since we moved here 5 years ago!!!"


If you could receive a letter from anyone in the world, who would you want to get one from?

~ Queen Elizabeth inviting me for a dinner!!!

sealed with a kiss

Credits: "DreadFully Happy kit" par July

haven't opened my wedding pictures for months now....but when i was browsing alpha's site..i saw that our picture was part of the 2008 w@w calendar under dino lara's name. fortunately, ms. benz will be sending us a calendar after my sweet request to have a copy!!

just in time the digital scrap shop was giving this kit for matches the tone of our here managed to finish a simple layout..

enjoy everyone...few more days left for the year of 2007!!!

December 26, 2007

christmas day

i manage to survive my first time spending christmas eve and christmas night at the hospital...not as a patient but as a nurse!!

it was depressing at first, knowing that all my friends and relatives are having a wonderful banquet with each other...but what can i do..i pledge myself on a profession where it's open 24/7 everyday of the year!!
we had our own little christmas dinner at work (don't have pictures..forgot to bring my camera!!)

but here's our picture taken before i went to work..we were to have a decent christmas early dinner with my hubby!!

i pulled a joke with eric...he's really into watches..and when i saw this free calendar that the grocery was giving's shape like a watch i wrapped it and gave it to him after eating our meal manage to pose with the calendar...inspite of his disappointment..heheeheh...sama ko no?
here's the letter that's inside of the box....
"here's my gift LOVE....and this is the most personalized gift you can get, for my love is only YOURS!!! addition to that my gift has no expiration since i will love you until the end of time..."

we will be opening gifts on new years eve since we are both off from work that night..but i already know my camera!!

December 19, 2007

first ever pair

"celeste canvas"
"chocolate and sienn"

my first ever pair of crocs!!

i've known crocs as nurses shoes. since they are lightweight and airy the nurses love to wear them at work. but since the first model of crocs are very wide in diameter and since my feet is so narrow, i was never interested in buying this brand of shoes.

today while strolling the mall, eric saw the crocs stands and had an eye on this brown and orange shoes. when i saw it, i agreed that they were cute and contrast to the wide crocs these were narrow designed. fit was good, so there I was telling the lady that i was getting that pair. the funny thing is, this is my first time buying crocs so i don't have an idea how much they normally cost. eric told me to get it since it is nice on me and thinking that since it is somewhat plasting in style that it's cheap....hehehe he's wrong...this shoes cost $49.99 so with tax it came out to be $54.11!! he just had that smile on his face...and told me "naka-isa ka na naman ha!!"

so when i got home, i tried it right away and loved the way it's so lightweight and the little bumps inside is like massaging thing in your feet!!

so now, i think this is the start of my crocs collection....this is a bad sign, just surfed and viewed all the different styles of shoes they have..and i am already eyeing on one of them..but maybe spring ko na bibilhin..slippers style sya eh..still too cold to wear them now...

hubby's special day

to the love of my life, my inspiration and my strength,

during this special day of yours, i wish you true happiness in your heart and good health for long life!! i will always be here supporting and loving you until the day we die.....

happy birthday babes!!

December 17, 2007

Be yourself Tag

thanks to rose for passing this tag to me...!!!

1. Whats one thing thats heavily weighing on your mind?
- having a baby, but i truly believe that in Gods own perfect time we will have one!!

2. what's one thing you've learned from a good friendship gone bad?
- you can't please everyone.

3. whats one thing you've learned lately from love?
- you are willing to everything for the name of love.

4. is there anyone special in your life at the moment?
- syempre!

5. whats a happy time you've had in the past week/s?
- maybe when i got my dslr camera, not expecting to get it that day and totally not expecting to have one at all, but santa gave it to me, kaya super happy...

6. how far would you go for love?
- until i ran out of love in my system.

7. is there anything in your past that you'd like to do/try again?
- it took me a few minutes to think of an answer here...but i can't think of any!

8. whats your favorite kind of weather?
- Los Angeles spring weather..not too cold and not too hot!!

9. why is this?
- practical reasons: i just love spring because i love to see flowers!

10 . who do you like to spend your nights with?
- hubby during days-off and my co-nurses and my lovely patients if i have a juty that night!

11. are you an emotional person?
- naku royal highness ako nito!

12. can you cry in front of others easily?
- i cry when i'm sad, happy, excited, and angry!!!

13. whats something that can always make you feel better?
- to hear my hubbys voice in the phone when i'm having a terrible night at work or just a simple hug and a whisper of "everything will be ok, babes, i'm here, don't worry" from him, teka add mo na rin yung "sige bilhin mo na" words when i want something!!

14. what does love make you feel like?
- complete!

15. and losing love?
- lifeless!

16. are you self conscious?
- not really, pa-minsan-minsan lang

17. do you think of others before yourself?
- most of the time.

18. where do you see yourself some time next year?
- hopefully, there's 3 of us in the family, and we are moving to our own brand new house in valencia, ca (specific na, i fell in-love with this one house na kasi eh!!).

19. do you tend to make relationships complicated?
- yes, that's what my hubby in this question, but my version "no" i always want it to be easy flowing relationship.

20. do you think you'd be able to survive a whole year in jail?
- no..that's why i follow all the laws in this country!!

21. who do you feel the most comfortable to go around?
- hubby.

22. is there something that you're waiting for? someone perhaps?
- a little chikiting!!!

23. one thing you're looking forward to..
- the new year celebration, i'm off!! so we are going to party!!!

24. how do you feel about change?
- i love change...!

25. any plans this summer?
- i don't know, hubby wants to got back to manila, i want a caribrean cruise

26. what are your plans for your next birthday?
- just finished my birthday few weeks ago, so i don't know about my next one.

27. do you think someone out there is in love with you?
- alot of people is inlove with me!! (hehehe...joke)

28. how do you feel right this second?
- hungry and happy because i have 4 nights off ahead of me!!

29. one word that describes you at this point of your life?
- colorful

30. what do you think about this survey?
- nice questions..made me think for the answers!!

ok sisters..dig into your hearts since it's your time to answer
jane, mec, peachy, ibyang, and jesse

December 13, 2007

exchange gift

gift from my bebot sister Glo!!!

went house hunting today and when we got home a ups package was in our doorstep. first i asked my hubby if he bought anything online, when he told me no... i kow it from that moment that is the gift from our gift exchange program from my bebot sisters!!

i opened the package right away and my mommy santa was Glo!!! the wrapping was so cute, i don't want to ruin has a small hello kitty doll hanging on the ribbon...(was so excited to open it..forgot to take a picture of it while it package was still wrapped)

it was pink pajama set...i love it talaga..mostly because it's been really cold here in LA (but still warmer compared to other states here in the US!!) and i am a pajama person..could not sleep unless i have a pajama on...!! will wear it na tonight!!!

then while making this layout (every elements used was from my scrapbook plus software) hubby was trying to clean up the mess i did with the wrappers..he told me "babes meron ka pang gift"...i asked him "huh? anong gift?" then he handed me this bubble wrapped pens...and it's my black sanrio pens...!! imagine if my husband didn't saw could have went straight to the trash with the wrappers!!!

kaya glo...i am so happy right now..i love my new pajama and my sanrio pens!!!

thank you ulit!!

got my gift for my baby...will mail it watch out for it!!!

bodacious award

thanks eds for passing this to me......

just woke up after a more than 12 hours sleep...kasi after working 2 nights in a row...when i got home yesterday morning, i went straight to my new in short i did not sleep the whole day..kaya last night 6pm palang dead na ako sa kama..and now it's 7:48am....kaya refresh na refresh ako ngayon...and seeing this award even made me a more refreshed human being...!!

well i am passing this award to everyone who left me a sweet message regarding my miscarriage: alpha, diane, chikai, agring, suzanne, mich, kathy, and nol

have a nice day sisters......

December 10, 2007

moving on

for those who left sweet words of encourgement...i would like to say thank you... eric and i are ok now..accepted that if that God has a reason why that happened!! again thanks guys and if i could only repay those kind words, with no hesitations, i will!! so pls. continue praying for us, because to tell you the truth before that we were not as desperate to have kids yet. thinking that we still want to do and accomplish so much that if having kids now will hinder or slow the process of achieving our goals. but due to that pregnancy...we felt how it was to be parents, inspite of it being very short term...and tell you the truth...i want to have a baby na...sana next time na mabutis kami...everything is okay na...can't imagine going through another miscarraige...kaya asking you to whisper a prayer to God right now while reading this entry of mine

oh what a surprise!!

my newest toy

after mass yesterday, eric told me that we will be stopping by best buy store to check out our gifts for my BILs. while in the store, i always manage to stop my the camera station to check and play with the dslr's.

while playing with one, i saw that it was on sale, less $ from $699 it will only be $664 but with sales tax it will ended up $720.44. and to my amusement eric told me "kunin mo na" that time i was very shock..i was not prepared for it.. i know i've been telling him about this camera and that i would really enjoy to have one of this...

for a moment i declined to get it...i told eric that i don't want it and that i'm ok with my sony cybershot (even though i'm having some problems with it. read it here) but y husband insisted that i get it and that it will be his christmas gift for me!! i told him i really want the camera but i want to do some research on some other stores, for they might have a better deal.

so here we are at the parking lot of best buy..using our iPhone to search different stores for their deals for canon rebel xti. and he found ritz camera. and all theh major electornics and camera store here in LA, they have the best deal. so we went to the store to check it out!!

while driving to the store, i was really contemplating if i should let my hubby buy it... it's because knowing that once i buy it will be entering an expensive hobby but i am really interested in learning more about photography...hhhaaayyy....

my heart was pounding...can't take my smile away from my face...eric got me the camera!!

for a total of $898.45 (37K pesos) heres what i got:

  • canon Rebel xti body camera
  • canon 18-55mm lens
  • canon 75-300mm lens
  • lexar 2gb memory card
  • tamrac camera bag
  • canon photography classes (pero next year pa yung next sessions, plus ok daw na dalawa kami ni eric mag-attend)
  • plus free canon pixma mini260 photo printer (out of stock so we did not get week daw meron na ulit sila)
  • and some perks from the store like 1 free photobook, free 20 4x6 prints, ritzpix ez print and share software and big print inkjet paper

good deal no?

kaya i'm one happy camper right now!!!

christmas time

we have our tree up already... i know we are already late, compared to the filipino schedule of putting up the christmas tree..

but since we use fresh pine tree if we buy it too soon, by christmas will be dry and dying!!!

oh i love the smell of fresh pine tree inside our house...

we normally have blue and silver motif..but since that was our motif for our wedding too...i think i got sick of that color combination already, so i decided to change my tree color this year. We both agreed to try red and gold this year, and so far...loving it!!!

so from our hearts to yours...wishing you all a very merry christmas!!!

December 3, 2007

Hello to our personal guardian angel

our story started the day before thanksgiving (11/21) when i started spotting early in the morning, thinking i am just getting my monthly period, i continued on my daily routine of life...yet my period never came..and my spotting continued the whole day...i told eric about it and told me that we should take a home pregnancy test since there is a big change that we could be pregnant...

thanksgiving morning...the day that changed our life..... after 3 minutes of waiting 2 pink line appeared in our pregnancy test.... wow... during that time we felt complete... since my birthday is coming up in about a week or so, we decided not to tell anyone until my birthday... during those time eric and i can't hold our happiness. we started envisioning what our baby would be..the gender, names, and way we want to raise our child, and the one that stressd eric is that we really need to get our house before the baby comes out...

"this is it na talaga" picture

and since i am bearly into my normal menstrual cycle..we decided to take another pregnancy test just to be sure if the first test is accurate...and so just the way we said it..."this is it na talaga" because 3 out of 3 different brands of pregnancy test gave us a positive readings!!!

a month before my birthday eric asked me what i want to do on my special day... he ask me if i want to throw a party, and since we just got married last may, i decided i don't want to go through another stress of planning a party for this year. then eric asked me to choose between a romantic dinner or a day of my choice theme park here in LA...of course, since i am a roller coaster fanatic..i chose theme park and since i haven't been to knotts berry farm, i decided to just celebrate my birthday there...but when we found out about our status of being pregnant..our plans of roller coaster shifted to just having a family dinner with my in-laws so just that we can tell them the good news!! (first grandchild kasi eh!!)

all through out this time all my pregnancy symptoms were nausea in the morning, but no vomitting..super sleepiness and fatigue feeling in my part and mostly the heavy, sore and painful breast

December 1 around 3:00am i was awaken with the feeling full bladder, and right when i got up blood started gushing out of me... i woke up eric and told me to bring me to the ER, because i know that time... i am losing my baby.

so there we are in the seeking medical attention..during this time i was inconsolable. i was begging God to spare my baby's life and to make my bleeding stop. they did some test and of all the words that the doctors told's the only thing that i remember "since your still too early in your pregnancy (5 1/2 weeks)..there is nothing we can do to stop you from miscarriaging right now"

i saw in everybody's eyes how devastated they are that time when they found out that i lost my i collected all the strength left in me and still manage to blow my birthday candles just to lighten up the sadness in the room

my bitter-sweet 26th birthday celebration

so those who greeted me during my birthday thank you and your loved me (us) strong during this sad part of our life