October 31, 2008

basket full of goodies

last day of october and trick or treating time!! we are spending it with the in-laws and no we will not be in costume but we will be handing some candies to the little ones!! leaving you guys with our picture taken by my webcam last night while goofing around with the basket full of goodies!!

have a nice and safe trick or treating everyone...

October 25, 2008

we had twins

and it's a boy and a girl!!!

nope it's not babies

it's laptops

8 inches screens

acer aspire one mini laptop in blue and pink

our newest toys

October 23, 2008

holiday schedule dilemma

we are now doing our holiday schedule at work...and of course labanan na naman ito kung sino ang mag-du-duty ng holidays. there are 6 days of holidays to chose from (thanksgiving eve and day, Christmas eve and day, and new years eve and day). this year the manager changed our policy of working just 2 days, as long as you're working an eve and a day of the holiday...to 3 out of the 6 days. i saw my co-workers so mad and ready to chew up our manager while explaining why they don't want to work 3 out of the 6.

while for me..i kept quite. i gave my 3 days:

  1. thanksgiving eve (the dinner is usually eaten during holiday night itself and i need to be off early Friday to do our after thanksgiving shopping)
  2. Christmas day (we celebrate ours during Christmas eve so by the evening of the 25th we are all done with our celebration)
  3. new years day (party are always during new years eve....!!)

i don't mind working during this days...i will not miss any of the kainan and parties :)

but this is still tentative. our manager could still and have the power to switch our days around. so until we get the final schedule approved i still don't know what days i will be working

~~~~the life of a nurse working on a hospital that never sleeps hay......~~~~~

October 17, 2008


from rhia

from vina

thank you for passing this award to me...very much appreciated!!!

high school memories through out the years

1996 one of our field trips somewhere..forgot already!!!
1997 my 16th bday on our way to batangas for swimming party

1998 JS Prom at Hotel Inter-continental

1999 during my 18th birthday party

2007 last time i was in manila

because of my previous post.... i remembered my high school life and with that is the memories shared with my barkada. until now our bond is as strong as we were in high school. we each have our own life and family now but every now and then we make it a point to reconnect and update each other with tsismiss!! i cant wait to see them again...hopefully next year for our 10th year high school reunion

love songs

"a friend" by keno

"all my life" by america

decided to add more songs to my iphone list. and since i am not those kind of people who remember song titles and artist, i need to hear the melody and search who the singer is. so i just went to youtube and search love songs. and i stumble on this song that brought so much memories of my high school life....

now...i am limewire(ing) all the classic love songs i can remember, yung bang JS prom songs!!!

nakaka-in-love and sarap maging high school ulit

if you know a song...share it with me!!!

October 10, 2008

paging "blogroll list"

hay naku...few weeks ago i had the energy to re-start my lost blogroll list just to find out the blogrolling.com is been hacked and now all my list are gone...aaaahhh

does this mean i need to redo everything again?

hay buhay nga naman.....

but any of my readers know how to help me...pls. i'm begging you...help!!!

October 8, 2008


work has been toxic lately...for some reason all our delivering moms have some kind of an issues. what's worst is i have a one day on and one day off schedule for this week. ok na rin so i can get my needed rest and sleep after one 12 hours shift, but on the other hand i want my 4 days straight off.

oh well.... and lately i've been picking up more overtime hours so that i can have my extra money for the holidays. if only i could win the lottery!!!!

update on my burned tongue-----it's completely healed now...so im back to regular diet now!!! yippeee...no more drinking coffee for me...that's the main culprit....

October 4, 2008

lovely flowers

saturday morning right now and and when i looked out our window all i saw are gray skies. and weather today is so fall like....cold and gloomy!!!

so when i saw that janesse and carla gave this award to me...hay it brighten my day talaga. thanks kapatids...

The rules of the award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.
so now i want to pass this award to: yette, vina, and arlene

can't eat at all!!!

where it all started:

9/30/08 tuesday night: for some reason i was feeling so sleepy that night at work. i could not help it, my eyes has a mind of it's own!! i was so tired since it's my third straight duty at the hospital and my body was as equally heavy that night. what's worst is when this was happening it's only 1:30am so that means 6 (plus the time to get home) more hours to go until i reach the comfort of my bed. so what else to do is to drink a cup of coffee for some caffeine boost in my system. it work wonders, in few minutes i was feeling alive once more!!! but since i am no coffee drinker (or maybe i'm just tangga) i burned my mouth from sipping my coffee too soon!!! should have known it better...coffee are hot!!!

10/01/08 wednesday morning: as soon as we reached the comfort of our house, my husband cooked breakfast for me. he fried some spam, eggs, garlic fried rice and opened a can of pork and beans (he got it from boyscout and until now he needs to have it partnered with spam!!) since i am so looking forward in resting my whole body that morning, i ate my food so fast and not (again) thinking that the beans are scorching hot!! and once again....for the second time around i burned my tongue and the roof of my mouth....

10/01/08 afternoon: after waking up to a very restful 7 hours of sleep, i went straight to our pantry to look for some snacks to munch on while watching tv. the first thing i saw are some quaker rice snacks and some potato chips.so i munched on them until i can really feel the pain around my tongue and the roof of my mouth. so i stopped eating them since it will be dinner (breakfast to us) soon. i planned to just bake some tilapia fillets that night. since the tilapia fillets are soft and no need for alot of chewing, i did not thought of my swollen mouth that much!!

10/2/08 late afternoon: my husband was craving for some japanese food so he invited me to eat at Todai buffet restaurant. so we did...but during this time the swelling of my mouth was so much that i only had one rounds during our stay there. what i ate that time was totally less than the amount of the price we paid for the buffet.

10/3/08 whole day: i could not bear the pain anymore, that i need to pop some motrin to subside the pain i'm feeling. then i started to gargle warm salt water as well. i planned to call my dentist, just to figure out that the dental office i go to are close during the weekends....

hay....so now i'm in soft bland diet...i'm planning to cook lugaw and tinolang manok today. i hope this thing gets better.... i miss enjoying my food :(