July 31, 2007

goodbye july '07

counting down the last few hours of july 2007... ang bilis ng araw!!! well this month has been a relaxing month for me. i spent the whole month as a full time housewife. i developed few hobbies during this time. as i've told you before, i'm hooked in digital scrapbooking. beacause of this, i met very artistic friends that are there to answer my never ending questions regarding scrapbooking. i still have tons of things to learn and mostly i need to do and practice many, many, many (emphasizing the word many) layouts to improve my skills.

one thing i learned, to have a good layout, you need to have a good picture. one of my bebot sisters, abbie, is nice enough to host an online photography class. it's nice kasi i'm learning the technical stuff about photography, but since i only have a point and shoot (p&s) sony cybershot camera, i can't practice all the stuff that were learning. kasi fully automated and p&s camera unlike dslr cameras, manual!! kaya control mo ang effects ng pictures!! kaya ngayon i've been bugging my husband to give me a dslr camera for Christmas!!! I've been researching about the camera and some classes i want to take to become a professional photographer!!! don't take me wrong... i will not leave my nursing profession, i just want to upgrade my skills in photography... pictures are the only way to preserve a certain moment and it will be nice if i preserve it in a better quality pictures...

about us naman... eric and i are doing ok... all month long, i've been cooking everything that he'd ask for. i'm into the new teleserye of abs-cbn which are ysabella and natutulog ba ang diyos..i make sure i watch every single episode...(paano na pag nagwork ako ulit). eric's been bugging for for his new toy (will let you know what it is pag nabili ko na!!) and mostly, our relationship grew deeper this month, since i realized that i am really willing to give up everything for this family, even my career!!!

well this is it for now...looking forward for the month of august..it will be a memorable one..since we will be celebrating our 5th year anniversary of being civilly wed. and i will starting my new job... hopefully many more blessings come our way!!

July 27, 2007

household chores

my day was filled with household chores! i cleaned our kitchen and living room this morning. Grabe nakakapagod, even though our house remain neat since we rarely use our living room, kasi may tv naman kami sa room namin yet every other week i need to clean it. i could just imagine when there's kids in the house..siguro instead of every other week magiging every other day na ang paglilinis ko!!! how i wish we were in manila, para may katulong... here kasi sa states gawa mo talaga ang lahat!!

after cleaning the house, i loaded 3 loads of laundry (ang dami!!), buti nalang dito pure washing machine and dryer ang gamit!! kaya ang talagang nakakatamad lang is the pagtitiklop ng clothes!! and normally i tiklop the clothes right when i get it out the dryer para hindi na kailangan na i-iron!!!
then after all that we continued our search of a korean restaurant...so we headed back to wilshire area in LA to look for a place to eat!! and we were lucky this time..we found this small restaurant that serves authetic korean dishes...super sarap!!
i'm so tired right!! i tried to do atleast one layout for our calendar..but my mojo is not here right now!! i'll just try again tomorrow!!!
need to go now..good night!!!

crazy day

today is such a crazy day for us...

it started last night, i caught myself surfing the net all night and when i looked at the clock it's already 1:30am, so i closed the computer and went to bed. but around 2am, i was so hungry... so i stood up settled for some ice cream, because i was so noisy, eric woke up from his sleep. then he asked me "babe hungry ka? gusto ko ng burrito, bili tayo, nagugutom din ako!" so here we are almost 3am finding a burrito place that is open 24hours. then eric remember that there is a 24hr burrito place in azusa..so we drove there and ordered some midnight snacks (meal!!!) by the time we finished eating it was already 4am...galing ng food trip namin noh?

and ofcourse sleeping that late means waking up late the following morning...so by the time we woke up..it was already past 1 in the afternoon. i was planning to load some laundry today but syempre umiral ang katamaran ko..

then around 6pm i was craving naman for korean food...so we went to korea town in LA. hanap kami ng restaurant na kakainan namin..i wanted to go a korean bbq restaurant, but eric didn't want to kasi mangangamoy usok daw kami (kasi lulutuin mo yung food na kakainin mo). ang gusto nya yung sit-down korean restaurant...eh yung napili nyang place 1 couple lang ang kumakain....i just don't like eating to a restaurant na walang masyandong kumakain, siguro hindi masarap kaya konti lang ang kumakain!!! so drive-drive pa kami to look for another place

then i noticed na 8pm na hindi pa kami kumakain ng dinner...super hungry na ako na nagkaka-motion sickness na ako sa kakadrive namin...so anong bagsak namin...Thai Barbeque... from korean, thai ang naging dinner namin!!! it was good...

so lets see kung anong tripping namin tomorrow...i'll let you know!!!

July 26, 2007

love song

Credits : Sprinzo retreat kit by Stacie Prinzo at Designsbystacie.com
Journaling: (lyrics from "touch and go" of rupert holmes)
Hold on tight
'cause life is touch and go
its sink and swim
but never doubt
if your out of a limb
i'll get the call
to break your fall
i'll never leave you
even when life
is touch and go
or hit and run
we'll never break
if we take it as one
i'm here to stay
i pray you know
i'll never touch
i'll never touch and go
this sone is one of my mushy songs for eric. i'll admit it, everytime i hear this song, i can't help but to shed some tears (even writting about this is making me teary eye!!!) the lyrics is just so perfect for me. our relationship had been thru so many trials and not everyday is a happy day, but our love kept us together. !!!
and to my husband, eric, i promise to be here by your side no matter what!!! i love you so much!!!
i'll never touch and go...

July 25, 2007

moving on

credits: brown doodles by gina marie huff of weeds and wildflower designs; frames by "sommer kit" by sarah-design; paper by scrapbooking plus software.
liKe my layout, i or we (eric and i) have so much dreams for ourself and for our family. sometimes we wish to win the lottery so just that we have all the money to buy our material dreams, but at the end of the day..my only dream is a simple life with my husband and someday with my children.
the manager for postpartum floor in valley presbyterian hospital called me in today. she just want to see me again before i start work in 2 1/2 weeks. i met her before i went home for manila, and she wanted to update me with my employment status. yipee the best update..she told me that since may of 2007 they increased the rate for a new grad nurse...!!! yehey...additional money for me!!!
i am somewhat excited in working again it's been 1 1/2 months now since the last time i worked plus add the one month that we were in manila. i like being a housewife. i like the fact that i have all time to serve my husband!!! tumataba na nga sya eh...kasi i cook him breakfast and dinner everyday!!! but on the other hand, i am really bored, my nursing instinct is calling me...i want to take care of my patients again...so here i am, enjoying the final few weeks of being a fulltime housewife!!!

July 24, 2007

my role as a wife

credits: papers by spring kit of shannon jackson; embellishments: sommer by sarah-design; alpha stitch: Pamela McNicols ; brown heart by kitgrazi by ValGouveia Designs.
here's 2 additional layouts for our 2008 calendar. i am enjoying downloading kits online. i am still in the freebies but i am really tempted to buy scrapbooking kits online na, kasi the nicer ones have a price on them...syempre !!! well i like mix and matching the kits that i'm getting, kaya lang hirap na pag mag-susulat na ng credits, nakakalito!! so here it is..enjoy!!!
in few weeks time i will be starting my new job...hay sarap maging housewife..as long as may naluto kana at malinis ang bahay..you can do whatever you want!!! but on the other hand..i miss having my salary every two weeks... and to tell you the truth i'm starting to get bored..kaya i am am excited na rin to start my new job!!!

July 19, 2007

close enough

right when i woke this morning, i started working on my blog..and this is where i am now..i like it better than the one i did last night!!! and i think for someone with zero knowledge in layout designs..this is pretty good...i just cant remove the little pink line...i'll figure it out later...

but any help to improve this is really appreciated!!!

July 18, 2007

cotton candy

it's been exactly one hour since my last post..and during that time..i turned my blog to a cotton candy land!! i am not really into too much pink..but i dont know how to make the style different..

ok here's the words that would descirbe the look that i'm looking for

  • girly but mature
  • modern
  • clean
  • fun
  • simple
  • easy to read
  • attactive colors
  • that it stands out

i dont know how to achieve this..but i will not stop here and i know that somehow i will get the perfect look for my blog!!!

i'm tired and frustrated

i want to make the look of my blog personalized...and for hours now..i've been changing the look of it and i'm still not contented with it's look..hay naku..sumasakit na ang ulo ko dito...!!!

i will leave it like this for now..and i will try to work on it again tomorrow..baka pag-hindi na ako frustrated..eh makuha ko na yung looks na gusto ko...(it's not that...i still need to to learn how to change the layout..trial and error ako ngayon..kaya talagang super asar na ako ngayon!!!)

kaya naman if anyone reading this blog of mine right now and is willing to help me..let me know...will really appreciate it talaga...!!!!

good night for now...!!!

July 17, 2007

cheerful as a color yellow

credits: papers from "spring kit" of shannon jackson; stitches with buttons by tracy sims; circle embelishment from "nocreedgirl2"
3 layout done, 10 more to go for our 2008 calendar!!!
i'm starting to like the idea of downloading scrapbooking kits from online.... they are all so cute and i am just so tempted to get all that i see...but the thing is it is really slowing down our computer!!! hay 'till next month..sana mapalitan na ito..(kasi eh..inuna pa ang bagong phone...dapat computer nalang..., but in the end..computer can wait..i love my phone!!! hehehe)

July 16, 2007

can't wait for next year

Credits for the embelishments of this layout: "Tangerine Truffle Kit" of "Diana of Scraps Up"
i thought of having my layouts printed in a calendar. so i'm trying to make 13 layouts and here's some of them (actually just 2 of them)
so i still have 10 layout plus a cover page to do...anyways i still have 5 more months to do it!!! wish me luck...

July 14, 2007

family members

my mommy and i during my papa's birthday. i still have the flu virus this day and feeling really really bad, but i really forced myself to attend my papa's party.

Journaling: Mommy, For all the things you have done for me, all I can say is Thank You. I would have not been where I am right now, if it's not for all your sacrifices. am me now because of you. You've molded me to the best that I can be. You were not only my mother but a friend who I know is always there for me. There are times when we argue and fight, but at the end you are still my mother and I am still your daughter. If there's one thing I wish and pray for you is that you let go of all the pain and replace it with happiness in your heart. May you always have good health and no matter what...my love for you mommy is everlasting!!

this is my first scrapbooking kit that i downloaded form the internet..and my fault i did not write the credits for this page...promise the next time i do download i will note the designer fo the page. for the artist who created this kit..this is for you!!!

my nieces and i at our house in makati. hay naku they are all so makulits...but even though, it's so much fun to be with them. nakakalimutan mo lahat ng problems mo..because they are so carefree!!! kaya naman i pray to God that when it's time for eric and i to have children, i wish that our children to be as smart, obedient, and pretty as my nieces.

i played around with the color purple in this layout. and just by looking at this page, i'm craving for an ube flavored ice cream!!

July 10, 2007

Apple a day

i was not really planning to get this iphone, since i only got a new motorola rizor 2 months ago... but ever since, eric has been asking me kung puwede ko daw syang bilhan ng iphone (kahit na bago din yung cellphone nya ha!!), para lang sumaya sya nag-oo na ako na bibilhan ko sya... apple priced this phone at $599 for 4gb and $699 for 8gb plus tax pa ito ha...

they released the phone at apple retail store at around 6pm..3pm palang naka-pila na kami. akala namin maaga na kami....heheh..pagdating namin sa mall nasa labas na ng parking lot yung pila!! so sabi ko kay eric..sige pila na rin tayo, kasi talagang gusto nya yung phone (kahit na super init noong araw na iyon, tiniis narin namin para lang makakuha kami)

we got inside the apple store mga 7:30pm na, kasi 50 customers lang pinapapasok nila sa store nila. so noong na counter na kami...parang nagandahan ako sa design ng phone..kaya eto buy narin ako!!! heheh papatalo at papahuli ba naman ako!!!heheheh

on top of our $70 monthly cellphone bill with AT&T we need to add $20 for each phone for having an iphone (kasi may special internet and sms service sya eh)

so when eric, loaded my phone..at first hindi ko talaga sya nagustuhan...kasi walang games at video, tapos yung phone walang flash and zoom (eh yung rizor ko lahat yun meron...babaw ko noh) but the more that i'm learning the features, super love ko na yung phone ko...kasi internet unlimited internet use..kaya kahit saan ako..na-che-check ko friendster, blog, and emails ko. add mo narin yung touch screen super aliw ako!! for more info about iphone here's the link: http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html

what i can say is...this phone is worth every penny!!!

tagged by joyce

this is my first tagged here in my blog..so bear with me if i'm doing it wrong...

thanks joyce for tagging me..memorable 'to, first one eh!!!

The Rules: “Each person posts the rules before their list, then they list 8 things about themselves. At the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other people and then visits those peoples’ sites and comments letting them know that they have been tagged, and to come read the post, so they know what they have to do.”

1. i can't sleep without having my back scratched...sabi nga ng asawa ko para daw akong pusa..konting haplos sa likod super antok na agad ako..na i will fall asleep right away!!

2.i have this super phobia with snakes (do know where it came from, basta bata palang ako super takot na ako sa mga ito)...kaya i dont go to zoo's!!! i can't even bear to watch them in tv...

3. super iyakin ko..ewan ko ba ang babaw ng luha ko.. basta no need to elaborate, umiiyak ako pag sad, galit, happy, and worried ako!!!

4. can't live without lotion... actually even worst..need to have eye cream, clinique facial moisturizer, body lotion, at pag-gabi foot moisturizer... hehehe, addict yata ako sa lotions

5. i am the most talentless person in this world...pero 'wag ka.. 'd ako marunong sumayaw pero member ako ng cheerleading team noong middle school ako and dancetroop noong highschool ako, tapos pag-dating sa kantahan, ay ibigay sa akin ang magic mic..kung hindi magkakamatayan tayo!!!

6. hindi ako umaalis hanggang hindi ko nakikita sarili ko sa picture..this started noong nagkaroon ako ng digital camera...i base kung ok yung make-up ko and attire ko sa pagkalabas ng pics..pag mukhang ugly ako sa pics...i need to redo my look!!!

7. i have a collection of charm bracelets. sabi ko hindi ako titigil sa bagbilli hanggang i have a different charm bracelets for each day of the year..(sabi ni eric, aking asawa "naku babes..ang mahal naman ng collection mo!!!)

8. love na love ko asawa ko..!!! hehehe..can't live without him...!!!

hirap pala nito..well hindi ko alam kung kanino ko ito ipapasa...parang lahat ng nasa link ko na tagged na eh..so pass muna ako..promise next time..i will pass it on na!!!

Cute Singer

I saw this clip from sister jengkie's blog and i fell inlove with this little girl. Her name is Connie Talbot and she is only 6 years old.

Hay...how i wish i can sing like her!!!

non-sense date..

i tried using circles in my layout...it's not the best...but hey, atleast i tried!!!

i've been wanting to load our wedding onsite in youtube. since i've been having a hard time loading it using our computers...i asked my gandang joanne if i she can load it for me using her computer. so i went to her house yesterday....hay buhay...i bought the wrong CD, instead of the onsite, i grabbed our wedding pictures CD... so anong magagawa ko..tinatamad naman akong mag-drive pa uwi just to grabe the right CD... naku talaga yatang ayaw i-pa-load yung video namin sa youtube!!! so ang nangyari naging tagasauli lang kami ng aming mga asawa ng mga walang kuwentang bagay na binili nila sa Fry's.

I really blame this to Joanne eh..kasi dapat sinabihan nya ako ng "ganda dalhin mo lahat ng wedding CD's nyo.." eh di kung ganon hindi maling CD madadala ko...hhmmm..(joke ganda!!) so ayun picture-picture nalang kmi...and sasusunod nalang naming pagkikita ulit...

July 8, 2007

for our favorite couple...

who are this people?

  • the lady in red is my gandang joanne...she is one of my classmate from nursing school...but even before the nursing program, we were already classmates..but we just don't feel like friends that time pa eh..taray!!! well now she is one of the few people who knows everything about me...kaya i'm very lucky that our paths crossed and i will treasuer our frienship forever...
  • the gentleman in the stripes is eric's childhood friend anggo . they love to debate about some stupid details...at sa pagdating naman sa streetfighter...hindi parin namin alam kung sino talaga ang ultimate champion!!!

this is for you ganda and anggo!!! hay naku itong dalawang ito....kung hindi lang namin sila friend..naku... but seriously...eric and I are very happy na you guys are still together and happy!!! stay like that ha!! and if every you need anything, 'wag lang money (joke!!)..you know how to reach us...

teka..may bayad ito ha...from gandang joanne..libreng lunch date sa Gin Sushi ok na..tapos galing kay anggo...format mo na itong computer namin para naman bumilis-bilis ito, samahan mo narin ng download ng adobe photoshop element 5.0 (4.0 ok narin..!!)

take care guys....!!!

July 7, 2007


what a date!! July 7, 2007... i heard from my weddings@work sisters that there are alot of couples planning to get married today..kasi nga naman added bonus na lucky 777 yung anniversary nila (then sabi noong isang sister ko..."naku napakadaling tandaan na nyang anniversary date namin..pag-nakalimutan pa naman ng mister ko yan ewan ko nalang!!!). it must be fun to have such a nice wedding anniversary. when we were planning our wedding we did not really have a significant date to chose from, we just got the one that is the most convenient for us and for our guests!!!

anyways when i woke up this morning i knew that i'm very masuwerte...because i have a wonderful husband right next to me!!! I think even though we fight alot before (hindi na ngayon..we already know each others limit na, kaya we make sure we don't go over that line...we talk everything out nalang!!) we remained together kasi nga our love is stronger than any misfortunes that comes along our life!! Hay, Eric is really a heaven sent to me..sya lang yata ang nakakatiis sa mood swings ko at sa mga kabaliwan ko sa buhay... and he always makes sure that he makes me feel loved every single minute of the day!!! and mostly he supports me 100% on everything that makes me happy (kaya he bought me a new scrapbooking software again yesterday!!! thanks bebe!!)

so what can i say, i might not have a 777 anniversary date...yet i am as lucky as those couple getting married today...maybe even luckier!!!

July 4, 2007

colored or black and white?

this are some of our pre-nuptial pictures taken last may 8, 2007. i also had my trial hair and make-up that day with ms. jesy alto. i liked my make-up here but eric hindi masyado...sabi nya mukha daw akong mannequin!!! (hehehe hindi lang sya siguro sanay na makita ako in full make-up!!!) but with our suggestion jesy lessen my make-up on our actual wedding day and my husband was happy!!!
we were really planning a theme of "everyday life in manila" for our pre-nuptial pictures. sabi ni dino (our photographer) mag-pictorial kami sa may tricycle, jeepneys, fruit stands and so on.... super excited kami doon sa idea na yun kasi nga para ma-showcase namin sa mga friends namin abroad what manila looks like...kaya lang during the day of our pictorials it started raining!!! tapos medyo we ran out of time narin kaya we just decided to have it inside dino lara's studio!!! it was so much fun...we only did few of the formal poses mostly wacky ones..!!!

this one naman i really liked the black and white effects..!!

July 2, 2007

July madness

it's already July... half way done year 2007!!! so far this year has been very nice to me..hopefully it stays like that until the end... i'm enjoying not needing to work and being to give my 100% attention to my husband... in addition to my digital scrapbooking...i need to start downloading songs to my i-phone!!! it's pretty cool... i am still not tired playing with the features of my new phone!!! but my dilema now is we need a new computer..our desktop and laptop is still the outdated version of computers. since we are now starting to download music and with all my pictures and files in our computer...it's starting to slow down (anyways to start with it's already slow..!!!) so we are now shopping for the best computer for us and hopefully my first paycheck on my new job we can buy a new one!!! yippeee... that's it for now... here's my newest layout...i tried to stay away from any shade of blue!!!!