December 13, 2007

exchange gift

gift from my bebot sister Glo!!!

went house hunting today and when we got home a ups package was in our doorstep. first i asked my hubby if he bought anything online, when he told me no... i kow it from that moment that is the gift from our gift exchange program from my bebot sisters!!

i opened the package right away and my mommy santa was Glo!!! the wrapping was so cute, i don't want to ruin has a small hello kitty doll hanging on the ribbon...(was so excited to open it..forgot to take a picture of it while it package was still wrapped)

it was pink pajama set...i love it talaga..mostly because it's been really cold here in LA (but still warmer compared to other states here in the US!!) and i am a pajama person..could not sleep unless i have a pajama on...!! will wear it na tonight!!!

then while making this layout (every elements used was from my scrapbook plus software) hubby was trying to clean up the mess i did with the wrappers..he told me "babes meron ka pang gift"...i asked him "huh? anong gift?" then he handed me this bubble wrapped pens...and it's my black sanrio pens...!! imagine if my husband didn't saw could have went straight to the trash with the wrappers!!!

kaya glo...i am so happy right now..i love my new pajama and my sanrio pens!!!

thank you ulit!!

got my gift for my baby...will mail it watch out for it!!!


Glo said...

LOL! Pahabol kasi yung pens, Di ko alam pano ko isasama sa nakawrap nang box, pero Im glad you liked it. I cant resist the pink and brown hello kitty santa :) Merry Christmas!

Suzanne said...

Wow! Very, very cute! :)

Buti nga, hindi naitapon yung pens. Hehhe!

idealpinkrose said...

ang ganda ng wrap i'm sure maganda rin ang nasa loob...

thanks for the link sis...linked you up, too!

idealpinkrose said...

hi sis! you've been tagged!