September 28, 2008

traci sims "be happy" kit

7.27.08 my co-workers and i had our fun dinner date again. this time we decided to meet each other at "the american at brand" glendale, ca. we watched mama mia movie and had (a not so good food) dinner at cheesecake factory. for some reason all of us did not like the food we ordered!!!

working as a nurse is stressful, but having such woderful co-workers makes our night go fast and our work easier.

m&m chocolate drink

one early morning while surfing online, my green M&M mug accompanied me.

for the first time--i'm a sponsor

while attending the Saturday 5:00pm mass, a representative priest from CFCA (christian foundation for children and aging) talked about how to sponsor a child or an aging person from a third world country. for some reason my heart was touched and was convinced that for only $30.00 a month of donation, I can change the life or give hope to a poor child. of course i chose a child from the Philippines, help your own country men nga diba?

this is an coincidence, since just few days ago, my co-worker and i was just talking about the poor in the Philippines. since we were done eating our packed dinner, we were touched by our consciences that the food we are about to throw could actually feed a family. and our conversation went on to we should sponsor a child since we are so blessed with such good life here in the US. then this thing came up during the mass. so i know for sure this is God's sign for me.
welcome folder given to us with my child's information

this is my beautiful sponsored girl. she is 15 years old from Quezon city

if ever you also want to sponsor a child or an aging on the link on top...share your blessings and God will reward you!!!

September 22, 2008

disney tickets

got this link while bloghopping at joy's site

disneyland is giving FREE admission tickets during your 2009 birthday. all you need to do is register online. the process was quick and easy. and good thing about it is if you have kids you can register them too so that they can as well get free tickets during their actual birthday.

anything free is good!!!

the only catch is the free admission is only during you actual day of your birthday
so to those US and Canadian resident readers of mine...grabe this opportunity to sign up for those free admission tickets!!!


september 22, 2008

1st day of the fall season 2008!!! good thing living in Los Angeles...we are still in what i feel like summer weather.

the only thing i hate about fall and winter is 5pm palang super dark na!! well the only thing that is in my mind right now...SHOPPING for winter clothes

September 20, 2008

wii games

like what i said from previous post

our wii console is not being played or even given any attention anymore. after buying all the neccesary accessories and is just one of the decors in our house. i even told hubby "play your wii" and he will answer me back with "i don't feel like playing it anymore!!" and even have a reason of "i don't want my shoulders and arms to hurt again!!"

what!! i knew it from the start....he is not a game console enthusiast. that's why we are not so updated on this kind of things...

so i won...this wii thing is just a splurge of the moment for him!!!

September 18, 2008

crazy LV game

ms. benz from my n@w e-group decided to have this crazy raffle game. for the amount of 1000 pesos or $25 i was entitled with 2 stubs in the fishbowl where the winner will have enough funds to buy her own louis vuitton purse. at first we were worried that there won't be enough participant for the funds but towards the end there were enough players that we would even have consolation cash prizes.

the drawing will be sept. 19 5:30pm manila time!!!

excited na ako...good luck sa lahat nang n@wies na sumali!!!! but i'm hoping na ako manalo!!!!

**** i didn't win the raffle :( **** can you believe that there were enough funds for two LV winners, so i would like to congratulate my n@wie sisters abbie y. and lia h. for winning the grand prize!!! enjoy your new babies!!! ****

special award

thanks to jannesse!!!

The rules are:
* The winner may put the logo on his or her blog.
* Put a link to the person you got the award from.
* Nominate five blogs.* Put links to the blogs.
* Leave a message to the nominees

now i will pass this award to mich, jody, and jane

September 17, 2008

our 2008 summer season

since i got lost in my blogging entries during the summer i am reminiscing what happened to us:

July 20, 2008 was my last entry

  • finished the month of july with no special events except for that my mother-in-law celebrated her birthday on the 21st. we could not spend the day with her since we both had work that day.

August 2008:

  • was alittle depressed during the first week of the month for the baby that i miscarried last December '07 was supposed to be delivered during this week. there was a time when i told my hubby..."what if it didn't happen i could have been holding my own child right now". but what can i (we) do, but to wait until God's perfect time to give us our gift.

  • 3rd was my father-in-laws birthday but sad to say that we weren't able to spend his day with him since we were schedule to work (again) this day
  • 9th of this month was our 6th civil wedding anniversary. so we decided to have another trip to las vegas (august 15-18). and this time we spent 3 nights 4 days at Stratosphere Hotel. To our surprise we were pretty lucky all through out our stay in LV. that I ended up bring home 3 bags after our trip

    view from our hotel window

    view of the LV strip from the Stratosphere Tower

beneath those smile were shaking knees...i could not even go near the edge even though there's a protective glass. i needed to hold to the telescope so just that hubby can take a picture of me!!!

my loot of the month. 2 coach bags and 1 dooney and burke purse courtesy of our roulette winnings

in front of the bahay kubo at salo-salo grill and restaurant

spent some time with friends who's in LV as well

PF Changs Restaurant

lounging at planet hollywood hotel

dinner at some korean restaurant..forgot the name of the place!!!

  • a week after i flew to San Jose, Ca to spend 4 days with my family (another post for this)

that's all that kept me busy. other that our short local trips, all we did is work, sleep, and eat!!!

September 16, 2008

San Francisco '08

golden gate bridge (8.23.08)
my parents in the far end and 5 out of 7 siblings in the middle

we had a short 4 days mini family reunion. i flew from burbank, ca to san jose, ca just to be with my family (too bad hubby can't be with us since he was schedule to work during this days)

4 days with my family and having the right to act like the youngest child again is such heaven for me. being in the comfort roof of my parents and siblings makes yearn for their company even more.

i can't wait until our next family gathering...sana complete na tayong lahat!!!

na-buhay ako ulit

grabe tagal kong in nawala...!!!

hopefully hindi na ulit mangyari yun. to make my come-back more exciting...i changed the look of my blog. thanks to peachy for the link for this background. but i still have so much to do for my blog..since in between my hibernation time, i tried changing the layout of this blog but ended up deleting everything in my sidebars (including my blogroll)!!! so now i need to visit each site and make my blogroll again..(one by one)

so if you don't see your name in my blogroll leave me some love so i can add you!!!

miss you guys and now i'm back!!!