January 31, 2008

lots of awards

from pink rose

from mama yen...

from alpha...

This 5-Star Blog award is given to a blogger whose blog is of highest classification. A blog of excellence in the following criteria: content, design & style, informative and accommodating

Friendship Day is a special day… It is a special time when you can tell your friends how much you appreciate them and show them how happy and thankful you are to have them… and well, it is the best to let them know how you feel everyday… A Friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway!!!

thanks you ulit for passing this to me....

online casino

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domain registration

Now that I am into paid-blogging world, the next step that I need to do is to get my own domain. My pro-blogger friends told me that having my own domain will give me a better chance of getting assignments. This will also enable me to score a better PR rating. And add to that the prestige of having my named site. So, I researched online on what’s the process of getting my own domain and I came across Paylessdomains. They offer domain registration for my own site. The price is very competitive and they will be the one assisting me in converting my old blog to my new domain. As you all know, I am a newbie on this paid-blogging world, so I have so many questions on how to assemble my site. The good thing about paylessdomains is that they have 24 hours customer service that will help me answer all my questions.

Now you can officially call me a member of the paid blogging group!!

january layout

credits: DreadFully Happy kit par July

this is my monthly round-up layout. will try to do every month of this year and hopefully get it printed.

january 2008 was a good month for us...welcomed the year with family and was able to spend some days with our good friends. we were so glad not to have any illness this month, inspite of having such ugly cold rainy weather. i started doing paid-blogging..but still in the early stage of learning the hoops around it!! let's see until where will i go about this!! i am enjoying learning new stuff regarding photography. hubby on the other hand does not want anything but be able to buy our house by the end of this year. so this is his usual phrase to me "hinay-hinay lang ang gastos babes..we need to save for our down-payment by the end of this year!!"

so there goes the month of january...excited for what the love month will bring us!!! add to that it's a leap year!!

January 28, 2008

photo-a-day (january 20-27,2008)

"just being me"the face behind this thing

"what's your number?" keypad of our phone..it's rarely used, since we normally reach for our cellphone when we need to ring someone!!

"keep us healthy" our daily vitamins

"conserve water" just playing with the shutter speed settings with my camera...

"try me" want a massage?

"apple a day" fuji apple is the only type of apple that i eat

"cherry red"

i love cherries....still not as sweet but good enough for me to take a bite of it!!

also in flickr

newest member of smorty

I have a lot of online friends that blog for money. I can see that they earn enough funds to go on trips and buy some luxury stuff for themselves and their family. And since I am already inside the blogging world, I decided why not try to get paid for blogging. I heard about Smorty and they will be connecting me with the company who will advertise on my blog. Now a days many of the companies want to advertise on blogs.

Since I am new in this field, Smorty was kind enough to answer all my questions. The process of signing up for an account with them is so easy. They have a user-friendly website and their method of payment is good.

Now, wish me luck on my newest venture in life. And I am looking forward to all the things I can with the money I will be earning from this. So to those who have not yet tried to get paid to blog, why not try it and sign up with Smorty!

January 27, 2008


our 2008 wow desktop calendar has arrived.....!!!

i didn't know about this 2008 wow desktop calendar until i saw alpha's post. and when i was looking at it....i was wonderng if that one picture is us...it looks so familiar...and then i saw that the featured photographer is dino lara... i know that it's our picture...

so i emailed ms. benz if i can buy a copy of the calendar as a souvenir...but she was kind enough to send me few copies for free and with additional pocket calendars as well....

so happy...thanks again ms. benz!!! and ofcourse thanks alpha..if you didn't post this...i would have not known about this..!!!

January 26, 2008

linky love x4

thanks jesse for passing this to me...

Cut and paste the following starting here.

I have randomly selected 5 of you below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. You will have to tag 5 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes we hope it will be a long list!)It’s real easy! Tag others and see your Technorati Authority increase exponentially! The benefits of Viral Linking:- One of the fastest ways to see your technorati authority explode!- Increase your Google PageRank fast- Attract large volume of new traffic to your site- Build your community- Make new friends!

The Strategist Notebook
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Tet's A Sweet Taste Of Life
Nol's A Wonderful Journey to Life
My WorldMy Family is my Life
In this Game of Life
The Simple Life of a Baghag
The journey of our life together

now continue the love wella, rose, petra, vina and chubby

so lazy...

it's been raining here in los angeles like crazy!! and like what the news awhile ago said it will continue to be like this for another week....aaaahhhh....this rainy days are not so appreciated.... it's so freaking cold (pardon to those who lives in the east coast...i know it's colder in your area!!) but i can't stand cold weather add to that when its wet...

i worked last night and when i woke up at 4pm...our friend anggo is here...he is inviting us out with my gandang joanne, but i am so lazy talaga na i managed to decline to go out (aaaahhh) and when he left around 6pm...i was planning to watch tv in our bedroom and right when i know...it's already 10pm..nakatulog na naman ako!!!

my blog has been approved for paid blogging....i could have been writting post about it already and earning few couple of bucks..but i am so strenthless right now...i will just do it next week nalang...

for my sisters who had visited me..i will go and visit back in your blog once i gain some few strength in my mind....

January 25, 2008

should i or should i not?

last night...my husband had his "tampurorot" (tanturms) moment and ask me why i spend so much time in front of the computer. as always i would answer him..."i'm busy blogging..don't bother me!!" and oh my to my surprise he told me "i don't know why your so into that blogging..it's not like your earning money there..all you do is others peoples stories" and there it hit me...

as you can see from my last post..i've had this blog for a year now..it did not even came to my mind to do paid blogging, not even once until last night. i was just not into it,inspite knowing that all of my online acquaintance are doing it and what it seems like good money maker(they can buy expensive stuffs...that i need to work overtime just to be able to afford it!!).

just to think of it... since i am already in this world of bloggers..why not make few bucks doing it right? so now where do i start?

can someone share some tips for me...pretty pls...

it's been a year

it's been a year since i first posted my very first entry here. i didn't know anything about online blogging until i started planning for our church wedding. by reading other wifeys blog, i was able to get so much ideas for our wedding. during that time, my stress level was sky high for i was at the same time reviewing for my RN board exam. thinking that this will alleviate some of my stress and help me document our wedding, i started this blog.

i've met alot of online friends... people who i haven't met personally but it seems like i've known them truly just by reading their daily entrys. this blog also brought me in having interest in digital scrapbooking and photography!!

so to my dear blog...happy 1st birthday and i'm looking forward for many more posts to document our daily happenings!!

January 20, 2008

photo-a-day (january 13-19, 2008)

orange flowerthe only flower that is left in our mini-garden

"mr. donald duck"
got this free bobblehead from a cereal box

"A is for..."
A is for.... "AKO" :)

"light our path" light-bulb in our door step

"tune me in" hubby tuning one of his guitars

"my space" i can spend hours and hours in this little corner

"stick person" got this as a gift from our wedding. it's a candle holder

can also view it on my flickr site

January 18, 2008

prenup pics

can you believe i lost (not really...just misplaced) this cd where our prenup pics is stored. it is hidden in one of the pockets of our luggage. and since our dear friend is kind enough to bring our wedding album and video here in the US....i remember about this cd...

at first i panic since if ever i truly lost this cd...i can never bring it back, unless i ask dino lara for a copy again... after searching every inch of our house, i asked hubby to check the luggages which is in our garage..and so and behold..it was there...!!!

so here i am just sharing our somewhat avp of our pictures....simple...just in-studio..nothing too fancy...just ourselves...

now i cant wait to see our final video from bob nicolas and photo album by dino lara!!!

Feast One Hundred & Seventy Six

What is your favorite beverage?
coke and fruit juices

Name 3 things that are on your computer desk at home or work.
fax machine, printer and pen holder

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how honest do you think you are?
7.5 i am pretty honest at all times!!

Main Course
If you could change the name of one city in the world, what would you rename it and why?
makati city..since this is hometown and i love living there and i am really hoping to be there right now..i will call is the perfectville city

What stresses you out? What calms you down?
stress- being late..i hate being late..i'd rather be early than late!!!
calm- shopping online while listening to love songs...oh add mo narin when i'm taking pictures of anything!!

January 17, 2008

tag from jesse

thanks jesse for passing this meme to me!!!

1. Name one thing you do everyday

  • take a shower

2. Name two things you wish you could learn

  • "pro" photography
  • baking

3. Name three things that remind you of your childhood

  • barbie
  • family computer (nintendo)
  • plastic balloon

4. Name four things you love to eat but rarely do

  • sinegwelas
  • espasol
  • taho
  • indian mangoes
  • they are all easily found in manila...but not here in the US :(

5. Name five things that make you feel good

  • shopping
  • having long days off
  • when hubby says "you look beautiful today"
  • when i cook and hubby likes the taste of my dishes
  • taking picutes like a "pro"

January 11, 2008

photo-a-day (january 6-12-2008)

"my eyes"without my eyeglasses or my contacts...consider me blind!!

"hubby" i like this picture of my hubby

"guitar" this is one of hubby's 4 guitars...and he's even on planning to buy more... aaahhh... how many is too much guitars?

"pens" this is our pen holder

"ballot" february 5, 2008 is our primary presidential election...i already have a candidate...hope that person wins....

"are we lucky?" i have 5 dollars in my pocket when we stop for gas...decided to buy scratchers to see if we're lucky enough.. the verdict...NO!!!!

"3 in 1"

this gadget serves as my cellphone, ipod, and internet when i'm away from home....i am so attached to my iphone...can't leave the house without it...

can also view it at my flickr account

new photography books

my newest photography books
"the digital photography book"
by: scott kelby
"the better photo guide to digital photography"
by: jim miotke

after reading this book posted here, which is all about how to use a canon rebel xti, i can now say that i somewhat know to change the different settings of my camera... but see now, my dilemma is what settings to use on a specific picture. so while researching some beginners photography book came across with this 2 of the most (positive) rated in amazon.com

it just came today....so i can't give my verdict yet...will let you know when i get a chance to read it!!

what i'm grateful for

eds is passing this meme to me...thanks alot sis!!!

overall i am very happy and thankful on how my life is turning out right now...

  1. first, i am thankful for my parents who is always there if i need help and guidance. they molded me to what i am right now..... (super bait na person!!! hehehe)
  2. second, to my very understanding and giving husband...like i've been telling him all the time he is my true strength in this world
  3. third, to my very rewarding nursing career...not just because of the paycheck i see every other week but the fulfillment at the end of the day knowing that i help my patient feel alittle bit better
  4. forth, to my very loving in-laws...i am very lucky to have such loving in-laws not only to mom and dad but to my brothers-in-law and the hubbys extended family as well
  5. lastly to our continuing good health....

i enjoyed doing this... it's quite often that i sit down and list all the things i am grateful for... most of the time i think and plan on more material things, but come to think of it..my love ones are the most important and i am most grateful for

so sisters (nol, yette, nina, and jesse) it's your turn to think on what blessings your thankful for

January 9, 2008

Baby Jon-Jon

Brandon John
with his Ate Jasmine

being a very proud Auntie T.J., i would like to introduce the newest member of our family. This is my Ate Milan's second child. Born last Dec. 27, 2007.

isn't he cute?... i can't wait to see you in person baby jon-jon!!!

January 8, 2008

way to start my long days-off

i woke up feeling so refreshed after working 4 nights just because i know that i will have 4 nights off too!!! and right when i open my computer...our wireless connection is not working....aaaahhh.... i told hubby to fix it, but since he is off to work tonight he told me that he will fix it tomorrow when he gets home..... wwwhhhhattt.... a whole night of not having a wireless connection? i am going crazy right now!! i was planning to so much online tonight and all my plans are ruined... so here i am desperately using my dial-up connection which is taking forever....

i can't take this anymore..will do my bloghopping tomorrow...i will just go shopping right now....bye!!!

January 5, 2008

photo-a-day (january 1-5, 2008)

"navigation pls...i'm lost"
got this navigation system as a gift last christmas and this is hubby's hands trying to learn it's different settings


always hanging in my neck while i'm at work!!! this particular stethoscope has a sentimental value for this was my hubby's stethoscope when he was in nursing school and he passed it to me when i started school...but i never gave it back to him!!! consider it mine!!!

"my color is green"

got this religious jewelry from San Gabriel Mission Church

"what's in my pocket?"this is the normal stuff that you can find in my pocket while i'm at work (lotion for dry hands, chapstick for dry lips, red and black pen, white board marker, scissors and tape, alcohol pads, and a piece of paper with my notes in it)

"what time is it?"
time goes by so fast...it's already 2008!! happy new year everyone!!

you can also view this pictures on my flickr account

photography book

Canon Eos Digital Rebel XTi/ 400D Digital Field Guide
by Charlotte K. Lowrie

i haven't post so much "artistic pictures" from my dslr because i haven't captured pictures that i think deserves to be posted online. ok... i blame it on....because i haven't really studied the manual for me to learn the different settings of my camera!!!

i am not really a book person..i can't learn just by reading, i am a hands-on learner!! so ever since i got my camera..i've been trying to learn the settings and the lingo of photography by reading the manual that the camera came with...but sad to say that manual is not user or beginner friendly (or maybe just for me!!)

so i went to boarders bookstore and bought this book..it is specifically written for rebel xti camera...it is the manual written in more simplified words with colored pictures next to it!!
so i am proud to say that i am slowly learning how to properly use the different settings of my camera...and i know i still have a very long way to go...***secret...sometimes when i can't seem to get the right setting for a picture, i just put it on full auto mode...and whoalla...most of the time the picture comes out looking perfect!!***

but like the old saying "practice makes perfect"

new years resolution

pinkrose passed me a meme regarding new years resolution, and i don't really think about any new years resolution since i manage to break it as early as 2nd day of january. but since this meme is passed to me here...let me tell you the resolutions that i already broke for this year...heheheh

  • stop being a complainer....i already did!!!
  • not to procrastinate deadlines...already did
  • stop spending too much....just got home shopping right now...bought 2 tops and got hubby 1 shirt

i told you....that's why i don't do this new years resolution thing....because it does not work for me!!!

project 365

thanks to my co-bebot joy, i am now committing myself in a year long project!! this is called project 365. this way we will be able to document each day of the year by means of photography!! isn't that fun!! it could be pictures of anything!!

and since i got my canon dslr camera, i am really into photography now!! before i just like to be the one being photograph, but now i found another sense of fulfillment being behind the camera and seeing your pictures come to life. because of that, i've been taking pictures of everything around our house...that i even heard my husband told me "babes pati ba naman kutsara at tinidor walang kawala sa pag-pi-picture mo!!"

but i will be tweaking the rules of this project. since there would be times that i would be working 3 nights in a row...and would be working the whole night and sleeping the whole day, i know i won't be able to take pictures that time...so what i will be doing is, i will be posting 7 pictures a week, signifying my photo-a-day..but there would be times where all pictures would be taken at the same day. but at the end i will still have 365 (or 366 leap year this year!!) pictures to document my whole year!!

isn't this exciting...so wish me luck.....

watch out for my weekly picture posts!!

January 2, 2008

december 31, 2007

spent the new years eve with the in-laws. it was a christmas and new year celebration, since we were all working christmas (family of nurses!!). we had our exchange of gifts...which was so much fun... then at the stroke of midnight we had our toast of champagne and had a hearty-dinner

overall, we greeted 2008 with lots of fun and love...hopefully bringing all of us health and wealth each day of this year!!