December 17, 2007

Be yourself Tag

thanks to rose for passing this tag to me...!!!

1. Whats one thing thats heavily weighing on your mind?
- having a baby, but i truly believe that in Gods own perfect time we will have one!!

2. what's one thing you've learned from a good friendship gone bad?
- you can't please everyone.

3. whats one thing you've learned lately from love?
- you are willing to everything for the name of love.

4. is there anyone special in your life at the moment?
- syempre!

5. whats a happy time you've had in the past week/s?
- maybe when i got my dslr camera, not expecting to get it that day and totally not expecting to have one at all, but santa gave it to me, kaya super happy...

6. how far would you go for love?
- until i ran out of love in my system.

7. is there anything in your past that you'd like to do/try again?
- it took me a few minutes to think of an answer here...but i can't think of any!

8. whats your favorite kind of weather?
- Los Angeles spring weather..not too cold and not too hot!!

9. why is this?
- practical reasons: i just love spring because i love to see flowers!

10 . who do you like to spend your nights with?
- hubby during days-off and my co-nurses and my lovely patients if i have a juty that night!

11. are you an emotional person?
- naku royal highness ako nito!

12. can you cry in front of others easily?
- i cry when i'm sad, happy, excited, and angry!!!

13. whats something that can always make you feel better?
- to hear my hubbys voice in the phone when i'm having a terrible night at work or just a simple hug and a whisper of "everything will be ok, babes, i'm here, don't worry" from him, teka add mo na rin yung "sige bilhin mo na" words when i want something!!

14. what does love make you feel like?
- complete!

15. and losing love?
- lifeless!

16. are you self conscious?
- not really, pa-minsan-minsan lang

17. do you think of others before yourself?
- most of the time.

18. where do you see yourself some time next year?
- hopefully, there's 3 of us in the family, and we are moving to our own brand new house in valencia, ca (specific na, i fell in-love with this one house na kasi eh!!).

19. do you tend to make relationships complicated?
- yes, that's what my hubby in this question, but my version "no" i always want it to be easy flowing relationship.

20. do you think you'd be able to survive a whole year in jail?
- no..that's why i follow all the laws in this country!!

21. who do you feel the most comfortable to go around?
- hubby.

22. is there something that you're waiting for? someone perhaps?
- a little chikiting!!!

23. one thing you're looking forward to..
- the new year celebration, i'm off!! so we are going to party!!!

24. how do you feel about change?
- i love change...!

25. any plans this summer?
- i don't know, hubby wants to got back to manila, i want a caribrean cruise

26. what are your plans for your next birthday?
- just finished my birthday few weeks ago, so i don't know about my next one.

27. do you think someone out there is in love with you?
- alot of people is inlove with me!! (hehehe...joke)

28. how do you feel right this second?
- hungry and happy because i have 4 nights off ahead of me!!

29. one word that describes you at this point of your life?
- colorful

30. what do you think about this survey?
- nice questions..made me think for the answers!!

ok sisters..dig into your hearts since it's your time to answer
jane, mec, peachy, ibyang, and jesse


Jane said...

done with the tag.


merry christmas!

Peachy said...

done with the tag.. thanks...

Ibyang Sanchez said...

hi trinity! thanks for the tag, here's my answers:

happy new year to you and your hubby!