April 21, 2007

last weekend here

i have no words other than I AM SO TIRED!!! we are so busy this past few days that having a free time to just watch tv while lying in our bed is a luxury... we are everywhere today, buying the must have for our month long trip. Afterwards we started packing our things..grabe it was so hectict..making sure that we dont go over 70 pounds per luggage... ok i am so drained i just want to sleep early...

April 20, 2007


A heirloom gift from eric's mom and dad. The bible used during their wedding and 13 old coins. Take note the coins are older than us. It was pressed when the Americans are still in the Philippines, the country pressed at the back of each coin states United States of America but the value is peso. Then I could just imagine if the Americans did not leave our country, we could have been just like Hawaii.

April 19, 2007

Our first gifts

i can really feel our church wedding coming soon.. few days ago we received our first wedding gifts! wedding cards from my mom and tita vicky and uncle steve (eric's relative) and a gift from my co-worker ate fran. kakatuwa..!!!

April 10, 2007

i can't stop now..

this past few weeks my wedding plans slowed down... akala ko everything is set... 2 days ago it hit me.. ang dami ko pa palang dapat gawin...

  • first the gowns of the entourage (but it's been solve april 11, 2007 at tita nini's condo the mananahi will be there from 10-12 noon to get all my abays measurements)
  • second the souveniers that we ordered are not here yet...
  • third our chancery requirements are still not cleared... they are still asking for the certificate of freedom to marry hay naku the parish priest here in pasadena already gave us one..pero sabi ng chancery sa manila verification lang daw yun, kailangan certificate.. grabe nakakabaliw and mga requirements ng catholic church, they dont take consider na kasal na kami ni eric for 5 years... ano pang freedom to marry ang hinihingi nila... eh ever since i met this guy natali na ako sa kanya!!!!
  • fourth yung kumpil ni eric... sabi ng parents nya sa akin ever since sa malate daw sila kinumpilan.. tapos noong hindi makita ng malate yung record ng kumpil ni eric, tsaka nila naalalal na sa some "san miguel church" daw sila kinumpilan... hay naku... saan naman namin hahanapin yung church na yun...
  • fifth we are leaving in 15 days and we still need to accomplish alot of to do's here in the states

April 8, 2007

after a very long break

i haven't posted for quite sometime na. maybe because the stress is getting me and i just want to take things slowly... the first part of march 2007 was dedicated to my nursing board exam which i can proudly say "i passed".

about the wedding everything is going smoothly, the major details are set and ready and we just need to settle the minor ones pag dating namin sa manila... and counting down as of today we only have 16 more days to go..and manily here we come..!! grabe na ang excitement ko.. not just for the wedding because this will be our first major vacation... and it's been awhile since we had some time off from work and school...