January 22, 2009

be right back

because i am on laziness leave of absence

January 15, 2009

holiday 2008

our christmas was spent with the inlaws. and since all of us (eric and his brothers including I) are all nurses, it's really hard to have all of us in one house in a particular holiday!! so for christmas it's just eric and i with his older brother with his parents.

ofcourse lots of food and nice gifts given and received

then we greeted 2009 in our own humble apartment. just the two of us!! we had our round fruits
then for media noche i just ordered pacit malabon, beef caldereta, bibinka, and puto bongbong for desserts!!

for some reason i decided to hold the video camera more that night than my camera..so didn't have so much decent photos of us!

but what's important is that we are greeted the new year together ever loving each other and hoping that this year will be much better for us!!

January 10, 2009

December 20, 2008

a busy day for me...

a month before our friends decided to held our annual christmas party this day..i was so happy to find that since i was off from work this weekend! then a week before the said date my manager from work decided to host a christmas party for her nurses at the same night. as a party goer as i am i needed to be on both parties!!

so here comes the first for the night:

our christmas party form work at Stargazer Restaurant in West Hills, CA

here's my co-workers...
they are my filipino mafia from the morning shift!! non of my night filipino mafia was able to come kaya they adopted me for that night!!

sharing a drink with one of our charge nurse

the party started at 7:30pm the food was good. bonded with the other nurses outside my usual night filipino mafia. we danced, drinked and took lots of pictures!! and by 10pm when we were starting to exchange gifts, my husband texted me that i need to leave now so we can be at the other party.

second one for the night:

our friends annual christmas party.

so by 2am i was dead tired. we called it a night

December 19, 2008

a special day for my hubby for he again added a candle on his cake!! we celebrated his birthday with a special lunch with his parents and one of his brother for a lunch at cameron's seafood restaurant

then hubby and i went to the mall for our christmas shopping...since we were tired from the hustle and bussel of the shopping mall this time, hubby wants to call it a day for him. but i declined so!! even though we are still quite not hungry from our big lunch and snacks at the mall, we decided to have a dinner at our favorite thai barbeque restaurant. then were off to JJ's bakery for hubby's bday cake, but we could not decided which cake to get, we decided to get the different kinds of mini cake that they had!!

then we called it a day and just cuddled in each others arms while enjoying some christmas movies that the cable was showing!!

so to my dear hubby...
you know how much i love you and this one thing for sure my gift of love i promise to give you each and every day of your life!!

January 9, 2009

girls night out part3

january 4:

my filipino mafia from work decided to have a post-holiday get together. they decided to have an intimate dinner at yamashiro restaurant. the location of the restaurant was heavenly, overlooking the hollywood lights and with just candle light to light us...super romatic talaga...(but no husband allowed that night!!)

January 8, 2009

seafood feast

we just finished our seafood feast. and we are so full right now that we didn't even touch our dessert!!

the lobster tails i got from costco and the rest i just got from ralphs supermarket. i just steamed them except the shrimp which i grilled. cooked rice pilaf and steamed some corn and mix vegetables and wwwhhaaallaaa a seafood feast!! syempre with candle light pa kami!!

this is the first time i prepared this kind of dinner... cheaper than if we go out and get it in a restaurant...so now i should do this kind of meal more often!!

(just testing on how fast it is to load pics now with our new internet services...ang bilis nga within 10 seconds uploaded na...this is without resizing my pics!!)

yippeee after 2 1/2 weeks of not having a high speed internet..we finally got it today!!

we decided to upgrade and bundle our phone, cable and internet services with time warner and we upgraded our cable receiver to HD so finally we can watch in HD channels and we might as well upgrade our internet service to their high speed turbo internet services!!

so now my online work piled up and here's my to do list:

  • email my mother-in-law our christmas pictures (done)

  • upload pictures of my co-workers in their friendster account (one down one more to go)

  • make a photobook for my big boss of our christmas party pictures (sipsip para malaki salary raise this may!!! yah right makuha ko ito!!) (done pero kinukuripot ako $43..i just need to order this one..but done)

  • book my mom her las vegas airline ticket for her birthday in february

  • update my friendster pics

  • update my blog (getting there)

  • update my flickr (started already)

  • pay my online bills (done)

hay.... one at a time....

January 7, 2009

i'm still here

still no decent posting in here...hopefully tomorrow....for our high speed internet will be installed tomorrow!!! so see you all soon..!!