September 29, 2007


i woke up this morning feeling really congested and slight feverish!! on top of that my throat is somewhat hurting as well...oh i getting a flu? Hopefully not!!! I am starting my night shift work schedule tomorrow...kakahiya naman kung mag-ca-call-in-sick ako!!!

i'm drug up already with medication para hindi na lumala, sana mawala na ito...!!!

September 25, 2007

it's better to give than to receive...

just got home from store hopping for a gift for my preceptor. This week will be the last week for my orientation at work, and I was planning to give my precetor a thank you gift...and guess what i spent almost half of my day looking for the perfect gift, but i'm home empty handed!!!

Why is it so hard to find a gift? First I would say that I don't really know the girl that I'm giving the gift to. I just know few personal things about her. The only conversations we had is about work. I tried the mall, target, bed bad and beyond store and still no luck!!!

Do you have in mind what to give her? Let me know...

September 24, 2007

calling all nurses...

I met with my nursing friends at IHOP for breakfast today. I haven't seen them for months already and it was fun to see them again!! Ofcourse on top of the tasty food we got we chit-chatted about our life at work and on what's new in our personal life...!!

Hay, I just hope that we get to meet again soon. Now that we are working at different hospitals and having different schedules make it hard to set a day for get together.

September 21, 2007

get to know me more!!!

i've been tag by mich!!! thanks sis!!

Q1: What are you doing 10 years ago?

1997- 3rd year highschool ang lola nyo!!! sabi nga ng mommy ko...mahilig daw ako sa "flavor of the month" during this time!!! paano ba naman iba-iba ang mga naghahatid at dumadalaw sa akin at iba-iba din ang tumatawag sa bahay namin... i am already friends with my beautiful minsan-minsan nakakatakas kaming gumimik!! oh pahabol we had our JS prom this year...and this one is the best memories for my HS life..saya kasi eh!!!

Q2: What were you doing 1 year ago?

Sept 2006- i was on my last semester of nursing school. totally stressing out because holiday season is coming up and it will be too depressing if i don't graduate! during this time i was also planning our church wedding!! and i am proud to say that i passed my nursing school and our wedding was a success!!!

Q3: What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

  • potato chips
  • ice cream
  • turon
  • fruits
  • mcdonalds!!!

Q4: What are 5 songs you know the lyrics to?

i am my own song writter!!! kaya sad to say, i somehow manage to mess up the lyrics of all the song i sing!!!

Q5: 5 things you would do if you are a millionaire

  • payoff our bills
  • buy brand new houses and cars
  • travel
  • invest
  • donate

Q6: 5 bad habits

  • lazy
  • procastinate
  • worry too much
  • can sleep the whole day
  • can watch TV the whole day

Q7: 5 things you like to do:

  • experiment in cooking
  • sleep
  • shopping
  • sightseeing
  • annoy my husband!!

Q8: 5 favorite toys:

  • computer
  • iphone
  • sony cybershot digi camera
  • sudoko puzzle
  • asawa ko !!! (counted ba ito!!)

Q9: 5 things you would never wear:

  • short shorts
  • mini skirt
  • super high heel shoes

Q10: 5 things you hate to do:

  • washing dishes
  • going out in a rainy day
  • waking up early
  • cooking when i'm missing an ingredient
  • having an argument with my husband!!!

now it's your turn ibyang, janesse, and peachy

September 18, 2007

good day

i don't know with you, but i had a great day at work today..!! maybe because our census is low and we only had a total of 9 babies delivered for the whole shift!! that's a good number considering our hospital averages 17 babies per about Philippine General Hospital ng Van Nuys California!!!

My co-worker bought bagels and cream cheese for everyone for breakfast... yippee..!!buti nalang, hindi ako nakakain ng breakfast eh. the come lunch time, I just ate at the's a so-so chicken food!! So when it's time to go home..i could not have a smooth sailing drive home..walang traffic!!!

As soon as i got home, hopped in the bathroom for one hot shower...hay sarap!!! then while drying my hair, i need to ofcourse watch my daily dose of teleserye! Oh my Victoria is back, Rose will soon find out that Gillian is really her daughter, and go Emerald!!

While eating quick fix of dinner, my hubby called and told me that their census is low too! kaya uuwi daw sya by 11pm!! yippeee...i get to sleep with my hubby next to me!!!

hay naku... i just wished everyday is like this!!!

oh well need to go..i still have work tomorrow eh...

September 16, 2007

life is so unFAIR

Yesterday we decided to go to the L.A. County Annual Fair in Pomona Fairplex. We went with our friends Anggo and Joanne. And the only word I can say is FUN!!! Since moving here in LA 5 years ago, I would always see the TV commercial for this fair, but we just didn't have the urge to go!! but this time, we gave it a try, and based on our experienced...i think this will be an annual thing for us!!!

We arrived at the place at around 5pm. Paano ba eric and anggo, may ginawa pang project...!!! ok narin..atleast it was not that hot when we arrived!! The first thing we did was eat. Then jo and I rode this drop zone ride..after that...all we did is play games, walk, and eat!!! tapos we posed for our cameras as well!!!

Eric was pretty lucky yesterday..he won about 4 games!!! kaya ayon yung mga stuff toys nasa living room namin..super laki..i dont know what to do with it!!!

September 9, 2007

new looks

i've been planning to get my hair done since last week. my last haircut was 3 months ago, and the ends are starting (i mean started!!) to get dry already!! so i told myself that i should really have my hair cut by tuesday!!

while browsing wella's blog found this site and decided to give it a try!!

what do you think?

P.S. eric likes it more when my hair is short..weird ha?...because majority of the men that i've known gets turned on when a girl has long hair...

September 2, 2007

melting away...

i don't know where you live..but here in LA...we are experiencing a heat wave!!! and i am just melting away from the heat...

here's the temp from the thermometer of our car!! thank God for A/C's!! super talaga ang init!! i don't know if i will ever survive not having A/C

i was planning to do so much during my days off..but i ended up just staying inside our house where it is cool... the only problem is i am just wondering how much our energy bill will be next month...our a/c is pretty much open 24 hours for the last 4 days!!! and to help cool ourselves, we did a quick trip to seafood city market (filipino supermarket, like SM, in eagle rock city) and bought some merienda ingredients stuff. Eric asked me if i can make him "saging con yelo". So i got few saba (added additional pieces for my turons), sago, pinipig, evaporated milk, and an ice shaver machine!! while strolling the supermaker i decided to get a gallon of selecta fruit sald ice cream and assorted flavored barquillos!! add to it the different local chips, different kakanins, and about 3 cans of big pineapple juice!!!

our total bill= $50.73!! oh diba..merienda lang fifty bucks na..!!! aaahhhh!!!

so we are a happy camper here in our house...with lots of merienda's to munch nga lang i forgot to shop for meats and vegetable that i'm planning to cook for this week!!! so i need to make another trip for my routine grocery shopping!!!

memorable nights

i was blog hopping and i came across this meme of remembering the most memorable nights of your life... i was not tagged but it made me think what is the 5 most unforgettable days/nights of my life:

1. dec 4, 1999 "my debut"- it was such a fun night. a simple party at our house. since i know that time that i will be leaving for US few days after my party, it served as my debut and dispedida party as well!! all my friends and relatives are there...i have all the 18's debut stuff. dj played all night long..oh hanggang 1am lang yata!! but since it served as my beginning of my "dalaga" days...i treasured every moment of it...(pictures were taken by dino lara)

2. June 24, 2000 "our first date"- we spent the whole day in san francisco and from that day on we were inseparable!!!

3. August 11, 2002 "our civil wedding"- we pledged our everlasting love to each other

4. december 14, 2006 "nursing graduation" and march 9, 2007 "found out that i passed the nursing board exam" - ever since i was young i've always wanted to become a nurse. and these two dates reminds me that i reached my life long dream!!!

5. May 11, 2007 "Our church wedding"- in front of God, our parents, friends and relatives we pledged our life to each other. here's some of our pics !!

[Pahabol] I asked eric what are the 5 most memorable day of his life...his were:

  1. when he got his drivers license and his first car
  2. when he first saw me that was around may 2000
  3. our first date
  4. our civil wedding
  5. our church wedding
so what's your most memorable nights? let me know okei?!!

September 1, 2007

hello september...

time is really moving too fast!! as we welcome the month of september, i decided to change the look of my blog!! just to think of it, we only have few more weeks and christmas season is here!! i think i need to start doing my gift lists and mostly i need to give eric my wish lists!!! (take note the wish listssssss) that's giving him a hint that i want quite a few things for if i were him..i would start working extra shifts in the hospital to get extra money!!! hehehehe..joke na totoo babes!!!

well reminiscing the month of was a good month for us...i started working and so far everything is going a okei there!! the only bad part is i am still in the morning shift so there would be times when eric and i would not see each other for days...!! but hopefully i start my night shift soon...!! about my hubby naman..ayun he got a driving ticket for entering a carpool lane!! ayan kasi..sinabihan ko na sya na bawal yun eh..hindi nakikinig...paano ba naman dito sa states, you can only enter the carpool lane on the designated open yellow lane kahit na dalawa kayo sa i am wondering how much is the penalty for that...!!

well that's it for now...