June 30, 2007

blue layout

i noticed taht i've been using blue on most of my layouts..i dont know i just find this color very beautiful...maybe i'll try to use some other color next time!!!!

happy husband

i couldn't blog last night, since eric was using the computer all night and all day today... why, because he got his new i-phone!! so he's a happy camper right now.. it's cool.. that's all i can say about that phone, since i am not really in that technology thing... for me my life is ok if i have my cellphone (kahit ano basta working...!), sony cyber-shot 8.1 megapixel digital camera and sony camcorder in hand...ok na ako.. dati kasi i'm into that my cellphone needs to have a nice camera features..but i don't use my phone to take pics now since my camera has a better picture quality!!! about our ordeal to get that i-phone, super pila pa kami ni eric sa apple store para lang bilhin yun...ang init pa naman noh... well we made it naman, kasi super haba ng line na nag-worry si eric na mauubusan na daw pag-kami na yung nasa harap na kami ng line..but we made it...and during the last minute decision...i got one too (heheheh...pahuhuli ba naman ako? :) !!!!

June 29, 2007

It's Friday...

hay ang bilis ang araw... it's already friday!!! what am i supposed to do today... grocery! wala na akong maluluto... kasi walang-wala ng laman ang aming refrigerator. Hopefully it's not that hot today para naman hindi nakakatamad lumabas. anyways while my husband is still asleep eto finished one of my layout...

June 28, 2007

tonight i did nothing..

another night.. we're both off today so we just spend the whole day in our house..super init na ngayon dito sa LA kaya sa loob lang kami ng room namin (may aircon kasi dito eh)... kahit gusto namin mamasyal, nakakatamad... well so we just watched tv the whole day while i spend most of the time surfing the internet and grabbing ideas from other digiscrapper members. kaya ito another layout done...grabe na talaga itong addiction ko dito...i will try to go to bestbuy or fry's store to buy another scrapbooking program..para mas madaming option..!!! well we still have thousands of wedding picture..pero i guess i will start scrapbooking our non-wedding pics...

projects of the day

i liked the antique effect of this page. It highlights the cathedral train of my wedding gown.

i miss this days...very carefree!
with amon and michelle at iceberg at glorietta, makati city
ice cream fits perfectly with the hot weather of manila!

June 27, 2007

so many time...

i was cancelled to work today..mababa ang census ng mga patients namin!!! well i was somewhat glad..kasi i have this night by myself since, eric has work tonight!!! for the first time today, i can tell myself to just enjoy the moment..the major stressors in my life are all gone..kaya ang sarap ng feeling ko ngayon.. i am just into scrapbooking right now, then with all the stuff that we've accumulated thru the years..i decided to clean and throw away tons of things thats not being used. Our garbage bin outside is full of old clothes, shoes, bags, magazines, and other stuff that is just collecting dust here in our tine apartment!!! grabe... now i'm thinking of what to do tomorrow..i guess i really need to find a new hospital to work for... i gave my two weeks notice kasi today..i need to spread my wings and look for a better place for me to work for. sa sobrang daming options as being a RN, hindi ko tuloy alam kung anong hospital ang pipiliin ko!!! hay buhay...!!!!

my newest passion in life

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Preparation

post-wedding blues is over!!

i am finally over my post-wedding blues!!! after our trip to manila, i felt lost in life...this past few months i accomplished tons of things in my life that i felt like "what am i supposed to do now?" i finished nursing school, i passed my nclex board exam, our church wedding is done...looking back i was so crazy to juggle those things in one time in my life!!! well done and over... and i am now looking forward to new things is life...

so here it goes.... the story of my daily life.....!!!!