March 18, 2008

50mm f1.8

my newest lens: canon EF 50mm f1.8

sample shots...i love this lens from the start!! first because it's less than $100 then it's light weight and super fast!!! loving the aperture of 1.8, making my background blurry and my subject super sharp

next in line...macro lens...eto medjo kailangan pa ng madaming lambing from hubby for a go signal to buy it...hopefully next month!!!

and the awardsssss goes to...


thanks nol!!! i appreciate it!!!

all about me

Tagged by jesse. salamat sis!!

Here’s more about ME.

I AM… wife in the morning and a registered nurse at night
I WANT… a lot of things
I HAVE… a very supportive hubby
I WISH… for two B's for this year (baby and bahay)
I FEAR… of snakes
I SEARCH… for the best macro lens (leaning for canon 100mm f2.5)
I WONDER… where will i be 10 years from now?
I REGRET… not taking nursing right after HS...did accounting pa kasi eh!!
I LOVE… loving my hubby and being loved by him!!!
I ALWAYS… pray for guidance
I AM NOT… suplada
I DANCE… when i want to dance..kahit na parehong kaliwa paa ko!!
I SING… when i want to sing....and don't even try to grabe the karaoke mic from me...!!
I WRITE… my grocery list every week so i won't forget to buy anything while i'm in the store
I WON… nothing lately
I AM CONFUSED… about something (mine nalang)
I NEED… to go get our taxes's due by april 15
THE LAST THOUGHT BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… hay..another day behind...what's in it for me tomorrow.....

i'm passing this to rhoda, yette, and vina
enjoy sisters....

i'm back..

long time na since i wrote my last post...ewan ko bigla nalang nawala ang writing mojo ko!!! i have a lot of tags and awards to i better start now!!!

March 8, 2008

spring forward

Credits: happy doodle by Designs by Angelica E.; happy scrapping by Loreta Labarca; LLIELLA Designs;

tonight will be the start of the day-light savings time here in the US. we are moving the time 1 hour ahead, that's why they call it "spring forward"....this is what i'm always looking forward to because that means that our daylight will be longer, and this means that warm weather is coming up!!! see i am not that fun of cold weather, kaya super saya ako kapag spring na...i can start wearing my tank tops and flip flops!! add to this i am working instead of working 12 hours, i will be practically in the floor for only 11 hours!!! yes....

well it's been awhile since i finish a layout...loving this spring theme page....

ok guys..gotta go...need to get ready for work eh...

March 7, 2008


it's friday night and we are both off from work...went out to do some errands and in the midst of going from store to store...hubby and i craved for some cake. at first we wanted to buy manggo cake from red ribbon, but since red ribbon is opposite of our way...we decided to just try this popular asian bakery near our place. it's called JJ's Bakery. and from the line of people that's inside that small bakery shop, we knew that their cake would be good!! we spent about 15 mins arguing what kind of cake we should get..hubby being very adventurous, he wanted to try a cake flavour that i for sure would not like (just because i feel like the flavour would not taste good!!) i wanted to just go with chocolate cake, because you could not go wrong with chocolate flavour right? plus if we will be spending $30.00 on a 9" round cake, it better be damm good for us to finish it!! so at the end, i won and this is what we got...chocolate with strawberry cake

when we were paying, the lady asked us if we want to write something in the cake...i told hubby lets tell them to write "i love you" since hindi naman namin bday or anniversary...pero nahiya si hubby..kaya wala nalang...

we both gave this cake 2 thumbs up..the cake is so moist and it's not too sweet at all...sarap...super!!!

then after putting the remaining cake back to it's box..a written phrase caught my attention.... "everyday of my life is special".... and this is true, hubby and i don't wait for special occasion for us to treat ourselves with things we like... everyday for us as long as we're together is a special day!!! kaya naman super dooper in-love ako dito sa asawang kong ito...napaka lambing kasi eh!!!

March 6, 2008

no name pasta

my no name pasta


olive oil, minced garlic, artichoke hearts, chicken breast, bread crumbs, basil, parsley, salt and pepper, and linguine pasta

decided to cook pasta today. got this recipe from my brother-in-law. he cooked this when we were with my in-laws last week. hubby liked the dish so i decided to make my own version. all the ingredients that i used are partically prepared already, that's why this dish was done in 15 mins. no preparation time!! as you can see i even bought my chicken seasoned and cooked already (even though it cost me 5 bucks for i think is only 1 piece of breast meat) but so lazy to season and grill chicken this is my only option...then garlic...i felt that using a fresh one will be just bought the minced one as well (or maybe laziness lang na mag-mince ng garlic!!). for the herbs, i try not to buy the fresh one, since this is the only time i will be using them and buying them will be too many for this one dish...sayang lang..atleast the dry one..i can keep in it in our pantry until further use!!

i just sauteed everything together until they are all mixed together and the taste are even (i don't measure, so i can't help you with that)!!! and when they are all cook and the pasta is aldente...i mixed them together and let them sit for a few minutes so that the pasta can absorb some of the flavors from the oil. i plated it with parmesan cheese and some parsley leaves!! paired it with garlic bread and it's a sumptious lunch for us!!

hubby and i liked the way it should try this's easy to cook...promise!!

fantastic blogger award

thanks to sheryll for passing this award to me....brought smile to my face!!!

getting it...

last night me and hubby was having our sweet conversations about our future...we talked about what do we see ourselves in a year, and in 5 years and 10 years from now...we have similarities, but what surprises me is that we have quite a few of dissimilarities...

well we are now in a part of our life where we can say we are stable...emotionally, physically, spiritually and mostly financially!!! we are now in our life where our wants are different from before. it's funny how when we were talking about what we want or wishes for, we have have a different ways of plans on how to achieve all those...then being suckers for music... thought of lyrics that will be matching with our thoughts

hubby chose this one:

*** as you can see with the lyrics he chose, he is willing to work and plan things. he is not the type that will just jump into things, he first needs to study what he's going into and he always needs to have a plan B, just in case it did not turn out the way it should be...!! this is one trait that i really love about him...very responsible.... i can trust my (our) life to him, that if something happens to me, he will be able to make wise decisions****

and here's mine:

***totally opposite of hubby..i am very impatient...if i want something..i better get it as soon as possible!!****

hay..we had such a good laugh last night!!

March 3, 2008

jumping joy

i just got the most awaited call i've been waiting for ever since i started working in VPH. i got called off today!! and best thing about it, hubby got called off work too!! i guess our patient ratio is low today!!! well extra day off for both of us..and since we enough rest to last us for the supposedly whole night work, and we already got ourself ready too...we are off to the mall right now!!! yes...

gotta go...see yah all later...


vina sent this to me..thanks sis...

The rules : Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six un-important things/habits/quirks about your self. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

here it goes:

  1. i can't sleep with my face exposed. i should be under the comforter or have a pillow on top of my face. when we were newlyweds my hubby would get scared that i might not be able to breath while i'm asleep so he would pull down the sheets..but now he's used to it that when it's sleeping time..he's the one putting a pillow on top of my face!!
  2. i don't eat beans (except monggo). that's why i love razon's halo-halo because they don't put beans!!
  3. i do everything twice in the shower (soap, shampoo, conditioner, and scrub)
  4. i hate being late, i'd rather sit in the parking lot waiting for my call time rather that stressing out on time for being late (since i take a long time preparing myself...i normally wake up 2 hours before i need to leave our house, para lang hindi ma-late)
  5. i can't just hop in an escalator (mostly the going down one)...and i need to grab the handle too...sometimes si hubby nasa middle na nasa taas parin ako!!! kaya stressed ako noong pumunta kami ng megamall..paano theres people behind you, if you stop they will push you...kaya si hubby hinahawakan ako ng maigi baka daw mahulog ako!!
  6. i am a soup eater...i love any dishes with soup (sinigang, tinola, nilaga, lugaw)...i love to sip the soup when it's still hot and i normally put some soup in my rice until my rice are swimming on it!!

so it's your time to let me know the weird things about you: ann, anne, and nol

TIME...wait for me...

it's 4:50am right now and i just woke up.... maybe your thinking that i'm an early riser noh? but see, i slept at around 4 in the afternoon yesterday!! yes that means i slept for 12 hours straight!! grabe, so i am in major zomby feeling right now.... i just remember that we were watching the lakers game yesterday and it was a beautiful day kaya my hubby told me that after that game we should go to santa monica pier to watch the sunset and play a little in their mini carnival area and dine out for dinner. so the game ended about past 3pm na..i jumped to bed because i got somewhat tired cheering for the lakers (kahit dito lang kami sa bahay...bigay todo ang cheer ko...good thing they won!!) that i told hubby to go ahead and take a shower before me....... and that's the last thing i know....... i remember my husband kissing me and telling me to wake up but i was too weak and sleepy to wake up.

so's monday early morning and my 4 days off is again.... hhaayyy...bakit kaya pag day-off mo super bilis ng oras?

March 2, 2008

rock band

hubby and i have been wanting to get this toy since christmas...but since we don't really have enough space for it in our small apartment and we can't really make so much noise here..we delayed getting it. but when we went to my in-laws place this past few days, we found out that my brother-in-law bought it...and for the past 3 days that we were there..we didn't do anything but played with this toy...

for once i was a guitarist (okay player) drummer ( and a singer (bad singer!!) well hubby on the other hand..naku one-band man yan..lahat ng instrument kayang tugtugin at i-dagdag mo narin na he can really sing din!!!


this past few days i was not here...ewan ko i've not been myself lately!! even my husband was asking me already on what's bothering me...but even i don't know what's consuming my entire brain!!

well to cut it short..i'm back now...i miss you guys and will be visiting your sites now!!