December 10, 2007

moving on

for those who left sweet words of encourgement...i would like to say thank you... eric and i are ok now..accepted that if that God has a reason why that happened!! again thanks guys and if i could only repay those kind words, with no hesitations, i will!! so pls. continue praying for us, because to tell you the truth before that we were not as desperate to have kids yet. thinking that we still want to do and accomplish so much that if having kids now will hinder or slow the process of achieving our goals. but due to that pregnancy...we felt how it was to be parents, inspite of it being very short term...and tell you the truth...i want to have a baby na...sana next time na mabutis kami...everything is okay na...can't imagine going through another miscarraige...kaya asking you to whisper a prayer to God right now while reading this entry of mine


Chikai said...

will pray for you sis. :) and thank you so much for the award. ;)