December 26, 2007

christmas day

i manage to survive my first time spending christmas eve and christmas night at the hospital...not as a patient but as a nurse!!

it was depressing at first, knowing that all my friends and relatives are having a wonderful banquet with each other...but what can i do..i pledge myself on a profession where it's open 24/7 everyday of the year!!
we had our own little christmas dinner at work (don't have pictures..forgot to bring my camera!!)

but here's our picture taken before i went to work..we were to have a decent christmas early dinner with my hubby!!

i pulled a joke with eric...he's really into watches..and when i saw this free calendar that the grocery was giving's shape like a watch i wrapped it and gave it to him after eating our meal manage to pose with the calendar...inspite of his disappointment..heheeheh...sama ko no?
here's the letter that's inside of the box....
"here's my gift LOVE....and this is the most personalized gift you can get, for my love is only YOURS!!! addition to that my gift has no expiration since i will love you until the end of time..."

we will be opening gifts on new years eve since we are both off from work that night..but i already know my camera!!


idealpinkrose said...

weeee..ang sweet...di naman yong bagay ang important as a gift..the most important is your heart and mind di ba?

aimee said...

that's one thing sad about our profession - working during holidays and, i'm working new year's eve...sad talaga