December 19, 2007

first ever pair

"celeste canvas"
"chocolate and sienn"

my first ever pair of crocs!!

i've known crocs as nurses shoes. since they are lightweight and airy the nurses love to wear them at work. but since the first model of crocs are very wide in diameter and since my feet is so narrow, i was never interested in buying this brand of shoes.

today while strolling the mall, eric saw the crocs stands and had an eye on this brown and orange shoes. when i saw it, i agreed that they were cute and contrast to the wide crocs these were narrow designed. fit was good, so there I was telling the lady that i was getting that pair. the funny thing is, this is my first time buying crocs so i don't have an idea how much they normally cost. eric told me to get it since it is nice on me and thinking that since it is somewhat plasting in style that it's cheap....hehehe he's wrong...this shoes cost $49.99 so with tax it came out to be $54.11!! he just had that smile on his face...and told me "naka-isa ka na naman ha!!"

so when i got home, i tried it right away and loved the way it's so lightweight and the little bumps inside is like massaging thing in your feet!!

so now, i think this is the start of my crocs collection....this is a bad sign, just surfed and viewed all the different styles of shoes they have..and i am already eyeing on one of them..but maybe spring ko na bibilhin..slippers style sya eh..still too cold to wear them now...


Chikai said...

love your crocs trin! bagay na bagay sa paa mo. :) me too, i don't like crocs before kasi parang shoes ni mc donald suot2x mo. hehehe! pero ngayon trendy na designs nila. i'm also eyeing a pair of crocs sa mall pero pinag-iisipan ko muna kung bibilihin ko ba or what.

anyway, bout the forum. buti na lng at nagleave ka ng msg sa blog ko. kala ko rin na ako lang nakaka experience ng error. sana maayos na ni angie yon. namimiss ko na mag hang out doon. :)

idealpinkrose said...

wow! those are so cute!

btw, you've been tagged!

marjorie said...

hi tita tj,
ganda ng crocs mo...GRABE!!
bagay na bagay sa feet mo...hek3

Joey Tibi

Tere said...

Wow nice trin! I always look forward to having one pero till now I have not bought it yet.

May you and your family have a blissful, meaningful and joyful Christmas! God bless! :)