May 21, 2008


since my mom will be having a quick 2 weeks vacation in manila, i took the opportunity to send my nieces and nephews their birthday gifts for this year. as expected, when i emailed them on what they would want to get, they all requested for crocs shoes.

i ordered all their crocs directly at last may 7, 2008. it stated that estimated delivery date will be may 19, 2008. since my mom will be flying may 21, i thought that i won't have any problem with the package and my mom will be getting it before her flight. so and behold...until today the package is no where to be found. i called fedex already because according to their site, the package was already delivered, but still no package at my sister's house. the representative told me that they are investigating it and will call me back when they find the package.

aaaahhhh....naasar talaga...they are expecting to receive their crocs..kaya to compensate, i just told my mom to give each of them dollars nalang.

buwisit, i'm just planning to ship it back once my sister receives the package and hopefully get a refund for it!!

so to joey, meggie, biboy, von-von and alexis....sorry kung walang crocs..but you will be receiving enough funds to buy crocs there in manila (hopefully the same price from here in the US) babawi nalang si tita next time!! love you all....