May 21, 2008

viva las vegas day 1

05.14.08 we left los angeles around 3:30am for our 4 hour drive to las vegas, nevada. we were planning to leave around 6am since our hotel room won't be available until 3pm. but out of our excitement, we left early to be in vegas early as well!!!

it was a fun drive since theres hardly no cars in the freeway and the sunrise drive at the desert was breathtaking!!!

around 7am we were already at las vegas strip.....we were so happy since it's been 2 1/2 year since our last much had changed...there's so many new hotels to visit now!!

we are booked at sahara hotel so we went there to try if we can check-in early, the representative told us that 12pm is the earliest that we can get our while waiting for our room to be ready, we headed for their breakfast buffet. for $11 each...not bad...typical continental breakfast meals are there...i enjoyed their omelette station..super yummy!!! after being super full from the breakfast and still having 2 more hours to kill, we looked for the nearest target store to buy new swimsuits, since i forgot to bring our swimwear.

around 11:30 we tried again to check-in and the front desk was able to give us a room. so when we went up to our room...bad trip, our room was facing the back of the hotel and not the strip... i wanted to get another room, but hubby told me na we should just settle for that room since we will only be there of 2 nights only with the point of we will only be here to sleep naman..."ok" so i agreed. (i guess the punishment for making kulit to the front dest in checking-in early!!)

tired from not getting sleep for the night and driving....we snoozed our afternoon away..........

woke up around 4:30pm..we got ourselves ready for a long night of fun...first stop Harrah's "Flavors" Buffet. we always eat here since they are the only buffet we know that serve banana fosters for dessert. and we got super busog from all the food...and to die for ang kanilang dessert area. after eating we gambled the whole night at harrah's, flamingo, paris, and lastly to sahara hotel.

ended our night around 4am....