May 23, 2008

one rainy spring day

it's been raining non-stop since yesterday afternoon. pretty wierd for a los angeles weather. usually we are in the 90's already by this time of the year. but last night it wasn't only raining hard, there's also lightning and thunder. i even told my husband "parang nasa manila tayo!!" then while watching the news, 2 tornados was seen somewhere in the san bernardino county then hail and snow was also noted all over los angeles county! grabe na talaga ito..super weird ng panahon!

and what's the better way to beat this cold rainy day......NILANG BAKA for lunch!!

now that hubby and i are both full, there's nothing to do but to jump back in bed and cuddle up the whole day!!!

oh...i forgot i have a mandatory annual skills fair at the hospital today around 4pm! nakaktamad...but it's a must that i attend this!

and tonight is the second game between lakers and spurs!!! praying talaga for my lakers team!!!


Mec said...

yan din lunch namin yday :D

hope your weekend went well sis...

Mec of Hope This Helps You

Joy said...

Lakers fan ka rin pala!!
Talo Lakers natin last night...hmp! Ok lang, pagbigyan naman ng 1 win ang Spurs, right? Hehehe...
Hope you had a wonderful memorial day!

The Wifey Diaries said...


Vannie said...

shucks that looks perfect for a rainy day!