May 22, 2008

lakers = pizza and buffalo wings

hubby and i decided to have a pizza and buffalo wings for dinner last night. it was also the first game between the lakers and spurs. lakers was down 20 points during the third quarter..but good thing they were able to to pull it off and win the game!!!

i'm so proud of you my dear lakers team!!!

from round table pizza

king arthur pizza

24 pcs. buffalo wings....for us this is the best buffalo wings ever!!!

mmmm...sarap ng pizza!!!

the next game will be on friday....cross my fingers for the lakers!!


Vina said...

wow! looks sooo good!

Dyes said...

hey am a laker fan too! see my other blog


were you angry during the halftime because lakers was trailing, or did the pizza really rock you? heee heee