May 21, 2008

viva las vegas day 2


woke up around 11am and by the time we got down our hotel room it's almost 1pm already. my husband ask me where do i want to each lunch buffet. but since we are planning to eat seafood buffet for dinner, i told him that i prefer not to eat buffet for lunch and just eat snacks to save space for our big dinner meal.

even before going to vegas, we remember seeing this show in food network channel that showcased this 99cents footlong hotdog in vegas. so we asked our front desk if she knows such place. luckily, she knows exactly where it is.

so we went to this small casino that houses that "world famous" hotdod stand. as it's advertised the 1/2 pound footlong hotdog is only 99cents. hubby got two thinking that one hotdog won't be enough for him.....hehehehe he could not even finish one, i on the other hand could really only eat half of it. it's really good and worth the price!!!

after our hotdog experience we are off to the M&M's world.

"high five" m&m

i bought a blue and green m&m's mug. i wanted the yellow one pero boy ang features ng face nya and the green one has the only female face features, tapos yung red naman galit yung face, kaya i settle with the green one nalang.

after that we headed for the MGM and New York - New York hotel. while walking hubby stopped by addidas store to purchase a new track jacket

las vegas liberty

MGM's golden lion

not so crowded las vegas strip

then we headed for the Circus-Circus hotel to play some arcade games.

hubby won the basketball game and got me this price!!
but since it's a weekday there's not much people in circus-circus...boring and most of the games are closed. the one's that are open since there would only be few players super liit ng prices na stuff toy. so after winning the basketball game and watching one free acrobatic show, we headed down to the casino to gamble nalang....and glad to say we won about $200 in this hotel!!!
after that i called our afternoon over and asked hubby to go back to our hotel to rest for few hours and to get ready for our seafood dinner buffet.
after a short rest and quick shower again, we headed to Rio Seafood buffet. for $38 dollars each plus the cost of drinks and tax and was so worth it!! imagine having all you can eat king crab legs, lobster tails, shrimps and assorted fish fillets. doon palang super busog na talaga kami and the dessert is so favorites are their creme brule, geleto station and their pastries are too pretty to eat!! i wanted to take a picture of everything but we were too concentrated in our meal that i totally forgot to take my camera out of my purse.
since we are feeling super heavy after that seafood buffet, we decided to go visit the downtown las vegas.

we heard that you can actually win in this casinos, since this is were the locals go to and that's the way to make sure that the locals come back. true to it's saying, we won about $400 while casino hopping here.

after this we went back to Sahara hotel since hubby signed up for the 11pm texas holden poker tournament. i on the other hand decided to call it a night for i was so tired that time.

then around 2:30am i was awaken by my cellphone was my husband telling me to come down to the casino. so there i got myself ready once again. and we gambled our winning away!!! aaahhh super sama ng loob ko kay eric...medyo inaway ko pa kasi sabi ko kung hindi mo ako ginising hindi sana matalo yung money na napanalunan namin!!!

well before really calling our night done...we headed to South Point Hotel since our friend told us that they serve a $4.99 steak and eggs dinner meal. hubby got that plate and i got the $2.99 pancake with sausage plate. it was so good since it was so cheap....

around 4am we were knock out in our hotel bed.


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