May 9, 2008

day with the nature

"the huntington museum and botanical garden"

yesterday i woke up early to tackle our kitchen and living room for it's spick and span cleaning session. and in the midst of cleaning my brother-in-law (ronald) called us to ask if we are schedule to work that night. after telling him that we are both off, he invited us for a japanese lunch date. we decided to go to Kabuki japanese restaurant since it's close to our place and they offer 50% on all their sushi during lunch time.

after enjoying our very sumptious lunch, our bill did not reflect the supposed to be 50% discount. we asked our waiter about it and he then told us that they no longer do that promotion!!! hahahah.... so ayun...ronald ended up paying the full amount!!! ok lang naman daw kasi super sarap ng mga sushi's!!!

after our meal, all out of the blue, he invited us to go to "the huntington museum and botanical garden". he wanted me to bring my camera so that he can try it out since he's been wanting to buy a dslr. so there we go, but we got there around 3pm already and the park closes at 4:30pm. i didn't know that there are so many garden and museums to go to that you need to schedule a whole day event to finish all the exhibits. so we just went to the chinese garden and their main museum. by the time we finish it's closing time already....

super bitin and time namin so eric promised that we will go back there...

to see more pics click here


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