February 8, 2008

technical school

My cousin who is graduating high school this summer is asking me on what is the best way to get in the healthcare field. I told her that nursing should be her goal since it is really a fulfilling career. But my cousin is still not 100% sure that nursing is what she wants to do all her life. She was telling me that needles and blood scares her. I told her that I was like that when I started but after giving few injections and seeing an open wound a couple of times, you manage to train your brain to think like a nurse and not get disgusted.

My parents did not force me to go to nursing school. Actually, I am the first to go to healthcare field in our family. I finished an accounting degree first before deciding that nursing is what I really want to do. So with my cousin a little bit hesitant to start nursing school, I did not want to force her into it. I want her to decide on her own free will. But I suggested that she might want to start as an ultrasound tech. This way she is in the healthcare field but not as much patient care settings. I also told her that the pay is not bad. I told her that there is an ultrasound tech school near place and that she can stay here with us while she’s in school. She agreed on this idea of wanting to enroll to an ultrasound technician school. I pray that she does good in school and hopefully in the near future she decides to venture into nursing as well.