February 8, 2008

good C

Vitamin C? nnnnaaahhh

Being a good Citizen of the United States of America, I cast my vote for the California primary election . This is where you vote for the person who you want to represent your political party, whether democratic or republican party. Since I am a registered democrat, I voted for Mrs. Clinton and to my happiness...she won California!! But since there are still more states to do their primary election, i'm still keeping my fingers cross for her. I went early tuesday morning..can you see i got the 20th ballot of the day!!

Then the next day....also being a good Catholic, I went to mass right after work and had my forehead marked with ashes. Since this is the official start of lent, we did not eat any meat that day and committing myself of doing that every friday until easter sunday.

i told you i was a good C!!! heheheheh


idealpinkrose said...

oo nga you're a good C hehehehe...and you're still pretty inspite of that ash on your forehead...hehehe..