February 8, 2008

next stop..spain

I need to on vacation. Life here in the US is composed of work, home, and mall. Ever since I started working in the hospital, I haven’t had a real vacation yet. And I am longing for one right now. Eric and I decided even before we got married that once we start our nursing career that we will have a yearly vacation to reward ourselves from our hard work. For this year, Eric wants to go back in Manila for our yearly out-of-the country getaway but I, in the other hand want to try other countries.

My in-laws suggested that Spain is a nice country for us to visit this year. Since we do not have any kids in tow yet, they told us that this is the perfect place to go to. Eric and I talked about it and said that spending some holidays in Spain is not a bad idea. We are looking forward in seeing the different gothic cathedrals and tasting authentic Spanish dishes. My mother-in-law told suggested that out of all the hotels they stayed in Spain, seville hotels is the one she highly recommends. The place is clean and it is located in the center of the town, which makes all the tourist attractions within walking distance. But since this is often fully-booked, she told us to try granada hotels. They showed us pictures and videos from their trip in Spain and now we are really convince in visiting that country this year. But for me the malaga hotels is where I am interested in staying at. We researched online on when is the best time to visit. We didn’t know that their weather is tourist friendly all year long. The tour package is priced reasonably as well. There are so many things you can do while in Spain, but the quite afternoon walk around their villas is what I am really looking forward to.