January 5, 2008

photo-a-day (january 1-5, 2008)

"navigation pls...i'm lost"
got this navigation system as a gift last christmas and this is hubby's hands trying to learn it's different settings


always hanging in my neck while i'm at work!!! this particular stethoscope has a sentimental value for this was my hubby's stethoscope when he was in nursing school and he passed it to me when i started school...but i never gave it back to him!!! consider it mine!!!

"my color is green"

got this religious jewelry from San Gabriel Mission Church

"what's in my pocket?"this is the normal stuff that you can find in my pocket while i'm at work (lotion for dry hands, chapstick for dry lips, red and black pen, white board marker, scissors and tape, alcohol pads, and a piece of paper with my notes in it)

"what time is it?"
time goes by so fast...it's already 2008!! happy new year everyone!!

you can also view this pictures on my flickr account


idealpinkrose said...

what a great idea to post a photo a day sis specially valuable or memorable things.

idealpinkrose said...

good morning sis could you do me a favor? please vote for my blog here. thanks in advance!

Joy said...

I especially like your stethoscope shot - love the angle and depth of field.

idealpinkrose said...

hi sis! thanks for your vote.. i appreciate it a lot!

Rissa said...

lovely pics sis. ganda ng kuha. thanks for the comment nga pala. abt ur Q, yeah i can pop any minute now, hehe!

Ibyang Sanchez said...

nice shot on the stetoscope. bravo!

Ladynred said...

Nice shots esp. the stet.
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