January 8, 2008

way to start my long days-off

i woke up feeling so refreshed after working 4 nights just because i know that i will have 4 nights off too!!! and right when i open my computer...our wireless connection is not working....aaaahhh.... i told hubby to fix it, but since he is off to work tonight he told me that he will fix it tomorrow when he gets home..... wwwhhhhattt.... a whole night of not having a wireless connection? i am going crazy right now!! i was planning to so much online tonight and all my plans are ruined... so here i am desperately using my dial-up connection which is taking forever....

i can't take this anymore..will do my bloghopping tomorrow...i will just go shopping right now....bye!!!


Petra said...

Just a regular visit, hope all is well. Take care and have a great weekend.