January 5, 2008

photography book

Canon Eos Digital Rebel XTi/ 400D Digital Field Guide
by Charlotte K. Lowrie

i haven't post so much "artistic pictures" from my dslr because i haven't captured pictures that i think deserves to be posted online. ok... i blame it on....because i haven't really studied the manual for me to learn the different settings of my camera!!!

i am not really a book person..i can't learn just by reading, i am a hands-on learner!! so ever since i got my camera..i've been trying to learn the settings and the lingo of photography by reading the manual that the camera came with...but sad to say that manual is not user or beginner friendly (or maybe just for me!!)

so i went to boarders bookstore and bought this book..it is specifically written for rebel xti camera...it is the manual written in more simplified words with colored pictures next to it!!
so i am proud to say that i am slowly learning how to properly use the different settings of my camera...and i know i still have a very long way to go...***secret...sometimes when i can't seem to get the right setting for a picture, i just put it on full auto mode...and whoalla...most of the time the picture comes out looking perfect!!***

but like the old saying "practice makes perfect"


♥ KaThYcOt ♥ said...

sis...san ka nagbuy ng photography book?
meron kaya nyan for nikon? hay... ako din lost ako sa manual mode! hahaha

Ibyang Sanchez said...

ako din, when i read, i forget! kaya kailangan katabi ko ang libro at ang camera pareho para practice agad.

ang official tutor ko si hubby kaso nasa dubai ngayon...kaya ang ginagawa ko, pag nag-shoot ako, papadala ko sa kanya tapos pinipintasan nya hehehe este kini-critique nya at binibigyan ako ng tips kung pano mapapaganda yung shot. over the phone naman, nagle-lecture sya at nagte-take notes ako habang nakikinig sa kanya. hay buhay. all for the love of photography.


salamat sa pag-share ng book...titingin nga rin ako nyan rito baka meron.