July 26, 2007

love song

Credits : Sprinzo retreat kit by Stacie Prinzo at Designsbystacie.com
Journaling: (lyrics from "touch and go" of rupert holmes)
Hold on tight
'cause life is touch and go
its sink and swim
but never doubt
if your out of a limb
i'll get the call
to break your fall
i'll never leave you
even when life
is touch and go
or hit and run
we'll never break
if we take it as one
i'm here to stay
i pray you know
i'll never touch
i'll never touch and go
this sone is one of my mushy songs for eric. i'll admit it, everytime i hear this song, i can't help but to shed some tears (even writting about this is making me teary eye!!!) the lyrics is just so perfect for me. our relationship had been thru so many trials and not everyday is a happy day, but our love kept us together. !!!
and to my husband, eric, i promise to be here by your side no matter what!!! i love you so much!!!
i'll never touch and go...


buge said...

I love this song! It's actually one of our favorite songs, me and my best friend, and we'd cry din every time we sing it. :)

By the way, pa-update naman ng blog link ko to http://www.bu-ge.com Thanks! :)