July 25, 2007

moving on

credits: brown doodles by gina marie huff of weeds and wildflower designs; frames by "sommer kit" by sarah-design; paper by scrapbooking plus software.
liKe my layout, i or we (eric and i) have so much dreams for ourself and for our family. sometimes we wish to win the lottery so just that we have all the money to buy our material dreams, but at the end of the day..my only dream is a simple life with my husband and someday with my children.
the manager for postpartum floor in valley presbyterian hospital called me in today. she just want to see me again before i start work in 2 1/2 weeks. i met her before i went home for manila, and she wanted to update me with my employment status. yipee the best update..she told me that since may of 2007 they increased the rate for a new grad nurse...!!! yehey...additional money for me!!!
i am somewhat excited in working again it's been 1 1/2 months now since the last time i worked plus add the one month that we were in manila. i like being a housewife. i like the fact that i have all time to serve my husband!!! tumataba na nga sya eh...kasi i cook him breakfast and dinner everyday!!! but on the other hand, i am really bored, my nursing instinct is calling me...i want to take care of my patients again...so here i am, enjoying the final few weeks of being a fulltime housewife!!!