July 27, 2007

crazy day

today is such a crazy day for us...

it started last night, i caught myself surfing the net all night and when i looked at the clock it's already 1:30am, so i closed the computer and went to bed. but around 2am, i was so hungry... so i stood up settled for some ice cream, because i was so noisy, eric woke up from his sleep. then he asked me "babe hungry ka? gusto ko ng burrito, bili tayo, nagugutom din ako!" so here we are almost 3am finding a burrito place that is open 24hours. then eric remember that there is a 24hr burrito place in azusa..so we drove there and ordered some midnight snacks (meal!!!) by the time we finished eating it was already 4am...galing ng food trip namin noh?

and ofcourse sleeping that late means waking up late the following morning...so by the time we woke up..it was already past 1 in the afternoon. i was planning to load some laundry today but syempre umiral ang katamaran ko..

then around 6pm i was craving naman for korean food...so we went to korea town in LA. hanap kami ng restaurant na kakainan namin..i wanted to go a korean bbq restaurant, but eric didn't want to kasi mangangamoy usok daw kami (kasi lulutuin mo yung food na kakainin mo). ang gusto nya yung sit-down korean restaurant...eh yung napili nyang place 1 couple lang ang kumakain....i just don't like eating to a restaurant na walang masyandong kumakain, siguro hindi masarap kaya konti lang ang kumakain!!! so drive-drive pa kami to look for another place

then i noticed na 8pm na hindi pa kami kumakain ng dinner...super hungry na ako na nagkaka-motion sickness na ako sa kakadrive namin...so anong bagsak namin...Thai Barbeque... from korean, thai ang naging dinner namin!!! it was good...

so lets see kung anong tripping namin tomorrow...i'll let you know!!!