June 22, 2008

summer heat is on

summer heat is on here in LA!!!

- the flowers are blooming
- kawawa naman and airconditioning bukas the whole day
- tataas na naman ang electric bill namin
- our freezer is full of ice cream bars already
- the other day when hubby dropped me off for work...hindi nya natiis, he got himself the large size of halo-halo from chowking...ang daya! haven't had my dose of halo-halo!!
- need to shop for more summer outfits
- because of the heat, super tamad akong lumabas, the other day hubby agreed to buy me a new purse, but decline because of laziness...(next weekend nalang babes!!)


Ibyang Sanchez said...

hay buti pa dyan summer...dito naman nanginginig na kami sa lamig .