June 2, 2008

go lakers!!

i know it's late!! but i am so proud of my dear lakers...they made it to the finals!!!

i know for sure that they can easily beat celtics and bring home the 2008 championship nba title!!!

game 1: june 5 (bad trip i have work...ok lang first game lang naman ito!!)
game 2: june 8 (sh*t work na naman ako)
game 3: june 10 (yes...1st game here in LA and i am off)
game 4: june 12 (yippeee another workless night..i can give my 100% attention to the game!!)

i'm not posting the other dates...for i have a feeling that lakers will win 4-0!!!


Dyes said...

hey trinity! i will give celtics a game. Lakers in Game 5.

Actually, i have another blog http://yaneeps-pics.blogspot.com/search/label/nba

and please do vote for lakers in that blog! (pls see the sidebar) hehehe