January 28, 2008

photo-a-day (january 20-27,2008)

"just being me"the face behind this thing

"what's your number?" keypad of our phone..it's rarely used, since we normally reach for our cellphone when we need to ring someone!!

"keep us healthy" our daily vitamins

"conserve water" just playing with the shutter speed settings with my camera...

"try me" want a massage?

"apple a day" fuji apple is the only type of apple that i eat

"cherry red"

i love cherries....still not as sweet but good enough for me to take a bite of it!!

also in flickr


Joy said...

Nice pics! Very interesting angles!
We're on week 4 na! Yay! 11 months to go! LOL!

Anonymous said...

you take very nice pictures..i like the water thingie..ehehe

i wish i knew how to take great pics..hmmm..:)

Ladynred said...

Great shots Trinity. I think we are getting better na ha!
Week 4 is up na rin..
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