January 28, 2008

newest member of smorty

I have a lot of online friends that blog for money. I can see that they earn enough funds to go on trips and buy some luxury stuff for themselves and their family. And since I am already inside the blogging world, I decided why not try to get paid for blogging. I heard about Smorty and they will be connecting me with the company who will advertise on my blog. Now a days many of the companies want to advertise on blogs.

Since I am new in this field, Smorty was kind enough to answer all my questions. The process of signing up for an account with them is so easy. They have a user-friendly website and their method of payment is good.

Now, wish me luck on my newest venture in life. And I am looking forward to all the things I can with the money I will be earning from this. So to those who have not yet tried to get paid to blog, why not try it and sign up with Smorty!