October 2, 2007

so what do you mean by that?

i was browsing in the message board of n@w and read this one post regarding one line from desperate housewife that was aired last sunday.

just to be curious i clicked on the link and read and watched the video clip of the so called "controvercial line"

unfortunately, they somewhat insulted medical professionals that graduated from the Philippines. coming from the medical field, this really hit me hard!! I know i graduated nursing school here in the US, but let me tell you filipino workers, not only doctors and nurses, but all, in the hospital here in the US are known to be the best workers noh!!! We are the ones that do the the best bedside care to our patients.

ewan ko, but i am really irritated about that insulting line!!! not just we graduated from another country, does not mean we are less of a professional!!

watch it and let me know what you can say about it!!


WELLA said...

ay naku may I comment nga about this. Nikky (my hubby) works in Mayo Clinic, and sabi nya nakakainis ung ibang Kano kase wala daw ginawa kung di magtsismisan, and since dito e base in seniority, kya ung mga bisor nila di nila ginagalang. And korek, mas magaling tyo mag-alaga sa mga patients, kwento ng in-laws ko, pag ung patient example pupunta ng cr, instead ung family member ung gumagawa non, tatawagin pa sila. and according to POEA, sobrang in demand ng nurses, kase most of the countries gusto nila Pinoy nurses and by year 2020, mga 1 million ang demands ng US for Filipino nurses. INSECURE lang sila!!! yun lang! mahaba ba comment ko??? hehehe!