October 3, 2007

i need some therapy

i always see our pet therapy dogs walk around our hospital eversince i started working there. but since i work with the newborns, our department is the only floor they can't come...kaya i never had the chance to pet them!!!

(he's not a horse...he's a dog!! "barkley" a great dane dog)

but today is a different story....when i saw them walking down the hallway...i took initiative to stop by and play with them!!! they are such trained dogs, very calm and they are used to being touched!!! kung ganito lang lahat ng dogs..!!!they don't bark, lick, and mostly they don't bite!!! buti nalang my phone is in my pocket, kaya nakasingit ng ilang pictures with them!!!

(he's even heavier than me..he weighs 145 pounds!!!)

("keisha" our little black poodle dog)

studies have shown that pet therapy program in a hospital helps patient recover faster!!! Well for a nurse like me, it lessens my stress of the day, even though i just spent few minutes with them!!

they not only do therapy for the patients, they do it for the employees as well!!


Rissa said...

naku ang laki naman ni barkley. soon magkakasing weight na kami, lol!