September 2, 2007

memorable nights

i was blog hopping and i came across this meme of remembering the most memorable nights of your life... i was not tagged but it made me think what is the 5 most unforgettable days/nights of my life:

1. dec 4, 1999 "my debut"- it was such a fun night. a simple party at our house. since i know that time that i will be leaving for US few days after my party, it served as my debut and dispedida party as well!! all my friends and relatives are there...i have all the 18's debut stuff. dj played all night long..oh hanggang 1am lang yata!! but since it served as my beginning of my "dalaga" days...i treasured every moment of it...(pictures were taken by dino lara)

2. June 24, 2000 "our first date"- we spent the whole day in san francisco and from that day on we were inseparable!!!

3. August 11, 2002 "our civil wedding"- we pledged our everlasting love to each other

4. december 14, 2006 "nursing graduation" and march 9, 2007 "found out that i passed the nursing board exam" - ever since i was young i've always wanted to become a nurse. and these two dates reminds me that i reached my life long dream!!!

5. May 11, 2007 "Our church wedding"- in front of God, our parents, friends and relatives we pledged our life to each other. here's some of our pics !!

[Pahabol] I asked eric what are the 5 most memorable day of his life...his were:

  1. when he got his drivers license and his first car
  2. when he first saw me that was around may 2000
  3. our first date
  4. our civil wedding
  5. our church wedding
so what's your most memorable nights? let me know okei?!!