September 2, 2007

melting away...

i don't know where you live..but here in LA...we are experiencing a heat wave!!! and i am just melting away from the heat...

here's the temp from the thermometer of our car!! thank God for A/C's!! super talaga ang init!! i don't know if i will ever survive not having A/C

i was planning to do so much during my days off..but i ended up just staying inside our house where it is cool... the only problem is i am just wondering how much our energy bill will be next month...our a/c is pretty much open 24 hours for the last 4 days!!! and to help cool ourselves, we did a quick trip to seafood city market (filipino supermarket, like SM, in eagle rock city) and bought some merienda ingredients stuff. Eric asked me if i can make him "saging con yelo". So i got few saba (added additional pieces for my turons), sago, pinipig, evaporated milk, and an ice shaver machine!! while strolling the supermaker i decided to get a gallon of selecta fruit sald ice cream and assorted flavored barquillos!! add to it the different local chips, different kakanins, and about 3 cans of big pineapple juice!!!

our total bill= $50.73!! oh diba..merienda lang fifty bucks na..!!! aaahhhh!!!

so we are a happy camper here in our house...with lots of merienda's to munch nga lang i forgot to shop for meats and vegetable that i'm planning to cook for this week!!! so i need to make another trip for my routine grocery shopping!!!


Anonymous said...

we're melting here in Sacramento too... waaaaaaaaaaaaah! ang srap ng mga food.. hihihii

Mec said...


we used to be melting here in Manila :D

anyway, wow... ice cream!

Joy said...

Grabe ng init no? Kainis!
And like you, I'm dreading the coming electric bill! Pero no choice talaga but to keep the A/C on.

Nita said...

Wow, fruit salad...sarap naman nyan! Talaga mahal dito sa ibang bansa. Lalo na yung mga can foods...hay naku.