September 16, 2007

life is so unFAIR

Yesterday we decided to go to the L.A. County Annual Fair in Pomona Fairplex. We went with our friends Anggo and Joanne. And the only word I can say is FUN!!! Since moving here in LA 5 years ago, I would always see the TV commercial for this fair, but we just didn't have the urge to go!! but this time, we gave it a try, and based on our experienced...i think this will be an annual thing for us!!!

We arrived at the place at around 5pm. Paano ba eric and anggo, may ginawa pang project...!!! ok narin..atleast it was not that hot when we arrived!! The first thing we did was eat. Then jo and I rode this drop zone ride..after that...all we did is play games, walk, and eat!!! tapos we posed for our cameras as well!!!

Eric was pretty lucky yesterday..he won about 4 games!!! kaya ayon yung mga stuff toys nasa living room namin..super laki..i dont know what to do with it!!!