September 18, 2007

good day

i don't know with you, but i had a great day at work today..!! maybe because our census is low and we only had a total of 9 babies delivered for the whole shift!! that's a good number considering our hospital averages 17 babies per about Philippine General Hospital ng Van Nuys California!!!

My co-worker bought bagels and cream cheese for everyone for breakfast... yippee..!!buti nalang, hindi ako nakakain ng breakfast eh. the come lunch time, I just ate at the's a so-so chicken food!! So when it's time to go home..i could not have a smooth sailing drive home..walang traffic!!!

As soon as i got home, hopped in the bathroom for one hot shower...hay sarap!!! then while drying my hair, i need to ofcourse watch my daily dose of teleserye! Oh my Victoria is back, Rose will soon find out that Gillian is really her daughter, and go Emerald!!

While eating quick fix of dinner, my hubby called and told me that their census is low too! kaya uuwi daw sya by 11pm!! yippeee...i get to sleep with my hubby next to me!!!

hay naku... i just wished everyday is like this!!!

oh well need to go..i still have work tomorrow eh...