September 21, 2007

get to know me more!!!

i've been tag by mich!!! thanks sis!!

Q1: What are you doing 10 years ago?

1997- 3rd year highschool ang lola nyo!!! sabi nga ng mommy ko...mahilig daw ako sa "flavor of the month" during this time!!! paano ba naman iba-iba ang mga naghahatid at dumadalaw sa akin at iba-iba din ang tumatawag sa bahay namin... i am already friends with my beautiful minsan-minsan nakakatakas kaming gumimik!! oh pahabol we had our JS prom this year...and this one is the best memories for my HS life..saya kasi eh!!!

Q2: What were you doing 1 year ago?

Sept 2006- i was on my last semester of nursing school. totally stressing out because holiday season is coming up and it will be too depressing if i don't graduate! during this time i was also planning our church wedding!! and i am proud to say that i passed my nursing school and our wedding was a success!!!

Q3: What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

  • potato chips
  • ice cream
  • turon
  • fruits
  • mcdonalds!!!

Q4: What are 5 songs you know the lyrics to?

i am my own song writter!!! kaya sad to say, i somehow manage to mess up the lyrics of all the song i sing!!!

Q5: 5 things you would do if you are a millionaire

  • payoff our bills
  • buy brand new houses and cars
  • travel
  • invest
  • donate

Q6: 5 bad habits

  • lazy
  • procastinate
  • worry too much
  • can sleep the whole day
  • can watch TV the whole day

Q7: 5 things you like to do:

  • experiment in cooking
  • sleep
  • shopping
  • sightseeing
  • annoy my husband!!

Q8: 5 favorite toys:

  • computer
  • iphone
  • sony cybershot digi camera
  • sudoko puzzle
  • asawa ko !!! (counted ba ito!!)

Q9: 5 things you would never wear:

  • short shorts
  • mini skirt
  • super high heel shoes

Q10: 5 things you hate to do:

  • washing dishes
  • going out in a rainy day
  • waking up early
  • cooking when i'm missing an ingredient
  • having an argument with my husband!!!

now it's your turn ibyang, janesse, and peachy


Ibyang Sanchez said...

hi trinity, thanks for the tag. i already answered the meme. here's the link:

you have a great week! :)

Mich said...

wow, you're so young pa pala! i was in college na when you were in highschool pa lang 10 years ago...hihihi. :)

Mich said...

thanks for doing the tag! :D