August 5, 2007

working wifey

Credits: Pralines & Cream mega kit

today is my last day of freedom!! i start working tomorrow. i will surely miss my "nothing to do" days. i am somewhat nervous but surely excited to start! I am now a member of the valley presbyterian hospital staff. it's far from where we live pero i had to way in that they pay better than the hospital in our town. well it's a good thing that eric's hospital is in the same vicinity, so if ever (hopefully) we have the same schedule we can just carpool.

this is the sad thing...i will start in the morning shift for a couple of weeks for training...hay...and i hate working morning shifts..kasi everybody is there..i mean the doctors, administrative staff, relatives, at kung sino-sino pa plus add that the patients are awake so they have more demands! unlike in the night shift...tahimik..tulog sila plus there is not much medication to give during that time!!

well, i might not have as much time for myself, but the good thing with working a 12 hours shift is that i only need to work 3 days or nights per i'm sure my scrapbooking and photography stuff will not be totally neglected!!!

okei then..wish me luck..excited for my first tayo!!! heheheeh