August 4, 2007


i had a beauty day today. i had my eyebrows waxed and a pedicure. and guess what? my total bill came up to $35 that's including the tip. hay naku...i'm being very kuripot right now. i went home and told my husband..."ano ba naman yan..ang mahal naman mag-pa-ganda!!" imagine that's not even with a manicure (desided not to get one kasi i'll be starting work on monday, and with handwashing every few minutes, a manicure is useless!!). well i'm being like this kasi fresh pa sa memories ko kung magkano mag-pa-spa sa manila. 2,000 pesos lang complete works na yun.. and this is a for sure thing...mas masarap at mas magaling mag manicure, pedicure at mag-massage ang mga pilipino!!! i wish i am in manila, tipong once a week spa treatment ako!!