February 5, 2007

her magic will make me the prettiest bride

Madge Lejano

ok if there's 3 things i will splurge in wedding they are:
1. my gown
2. photographer..they will help you preserve the memories of your wedding day
3.make-up artist...ofcourse...kailangan super pretty ka sa wedding day mo noh!!!!

so... i found the perfect magician that will help transform me to the most beautiful bride... her name is madge.. she is one of the most talked to artist at weddings@work.com website and infairness she is highly recommended by my photographer..!!!

ms. madge is really fun to talk to..isang beses palang ko sya nakakausap yet..magaan na ang loob ko sa kanya...she already gave me little beauty secrets para maging ok ang face and hair ko in time for the wedding. we already talked about our tentative schedule..so maayos ang flow namin pag nasa manila na kami.. i will have a trial hair and make-up session hopefully the same day when we are having our pre-nuptual pictures..!!!

pero eto lang pray ko...i hope i dont break-out with pimples..mostly when i've been having this days of high stress level