January 26, 2007

What's with the Date?

Two years ago my dad decided to have a family reunion in manila for his 75th birthday... sabi nya sa amin.. "i'm giving you two years to plan for this reunion and there should be enough time to save for vacation hours and money for the trip!!!" after that eric and i talked about having our church wedding in manila since all my family members will be going home in pinas (minsan lang ito mangyari, since we are all over the world).... but then our plans are not yet so clear during those times.. first of all i was still in nursing school and knowing that my graduation date will be december 2006 and my board exam will be in sometime early 2007... parang hindi pa kami ready to have a church wedding, emotionallly, physically, and financially... plus alot more hindrance in our life during those times... lahat ng tao pag-tinatanong kami kung tuloy yung kasal namin ang sagot namin "bahala...we'll let you know..." but with the encouragement and help from our family and friends... sabi namin "sige na nga.. pakasal na tayo..." anyways it's about time.. 2007 will be our 5th year anniversary for our civil wedding... tsaka eto lang yata ang time na all my family (as in all!!) will be in one place... good thing na pumayag din at puwede rin na umuwi lahat ng family members ni eric..!!!

ok..from there.. we started to have a for sure plans for our church wedding around october 2006... first we called malate church to inquire regarding their wedding ceremonies... since i want some sentimental value sa wedding namin.. we chose to have the day may 19 as our wedding date, kasi it falls in a saturday plus birthday pa ng eldest brother ni eric... when we called the church sabi nila booked na daw lahat ng afternoon mass nila for that day at ang open nalang is 10AM mass... "huh.. 10AM... ang aga noon.. and i don't want a morning wedding since i always wanted an over the sunset wedding.." so tinanong namin kung may open pang afternoon slot for other saturdays for the month of may.. pero sabi nila meron pero may 26 daw.. ok... but since majority of our family will only be in manila for 2 weeks mabibitin sila since may 15 and birthday ng dad ko... so all of a sudden stresssed out ako.. paano no way i will change my church venue... my wedding needs to be sa malate church..period na yun... akala ko nga sign na ito ni God na baka hindi pa ito ang time para mag church wedding kami...

but after few nights of thinking... 90% of our guest are balikbayans and they are free almost any day of the week... we called malate church again and ask if they do friday wedding.. at meron daw.... and guess what?... open pa yung afternoon slot ng may 11... when they told us that the same day... pinakiusap na namin yung tita ni eric na bayaran na yung church para reserved na yung slot na yun sa amin!!!

that's the long-shorter version story why we ended up with May 11, 2007