January 10, 2009

December 19, 2008

a special day for my hubby for he again added a candle on his cake!! we celebrated his birthday with a special lunch with his parents and one of his brother for a lunch at cameron's seafood restaurant

then hubby and i went to the mall for our christmas shopping...since we were tired from the hustle and bussel of the shopping mall this time, hubby wants to call it a day for him. but i declined so!! even though we are still quite not hungry from our big lunch and snacks at the mall, we decided to have a dinner at our favorite thai barbeque restaurant. then were off to JJ's bakery for hubby's bday cake, but we could not decided which cake to get, we decided to get the different kinds of mini cake that they had!!

then we called it a day and just cuddled in each others arms while enjoying some christmas movies that the cable was showing!!

so to my dear hubby...
you know how much i love you and this one thing for sure my gift of love i promise to give you each and every day of your life!!