November 15, 2008

code yellow

in every hospital we have our own codes to let employee knows that something is going on inside the hospital. just as we are getting ready to got home this morning at 7am the operator over-paged "code yellow (internal)". that means that there was a disaster going on inside our hospital floors. and so we learned that due to the wildfires (video here) going on near our hospital majority of the the AM nurses or staff was unable to come to work due to road closure. and until further notice from the hospital supervisor no one can go home or leave the premises of the hospital.

"what? we're stuck here? for how long?" was all our initial reaction. but i guess that's how it is. someone's gotta take care of the patients!! just our floor, they were short 6 nurses this morning. so they are begging us to stay. but my body can only go so far before i collapse of fatigue. so after 1 1/2 hours we were released like prisoners (hehehe).

but now that i got my needed sleep, i realized that the extra 1 1/2 hours that i stayed is paid double time!! yipeee extra money on my next paycheck... now since hubby and i are off tonight, i invited him to have a dinner dat using my extra dollars!!