October 23, 2008

holiday schedule dilemma

we are now doing our holiday schedule at work...and of course labanan na naman ito kung sino ang mag-du-duty ng holidays. there are 6 days of holidays to chose from (thanksgiving eve and day, Christmas eve and day, and new years eve and day). this year the manager changed our policy of working just 2 days, as long as you're working an eve and a day of the holiday...to 3 out of the 6 days. i saw my co-workers so mad and ready to chew up our manager while explaining why they don't want to work 3 out of the 6.

while for me..i kept quite. i gave my 3 days:

  1. thanksgiving eve (the dinner is usually eaten during holiday night itself and i need to be off early Friday to do our after thanksgiving shopping)
  2. Christmas day (we celebrate ours during Christmas eve so by the evening of the 25th we are all done with our celebration)
  3. new years day (party are always during new years eve....!!)

i don't mind working during this days...i will not miss any of the kainan and parties :)

but this is still tentative. our manager could still and have the power to switch our days around. so until we get the final schedule approved i still don't know what days i will be working

~~~~the life of a nurse working on a hospital that never sleeps hay......~~~~~