September 17, 2008

our 2008 summer season

since i got lost in my blogging entries during the summer i am reminiscing what happened to us:

July 20, 2008 was my last entry

  • finished the month of july with no special events except for that my mother-in-law celebrated her birthday on the 21st. we could not spend the day with her since we both had work that day.

August 2008:

  • was alittle depressed during the first week of the month for the baby that i miscarried last December '07 was supposed to be delivered during this week. there was a time when i told my hubby..."what if it didn't happen i could have been holding my own child right now". but what can i (we) do, but to wait until God's perfect time to give us our gift.

  • 3rd was my father-in-laws birthday but sad to say that we weren't able to spend his day with him since we were schedule to work (again) this day
  • 9th of this month was our 6th civil wedding anniversary. so we decided to have another trip to las vegas (august 15-18). and this time we spent 3 nights 4 days at Stratosphere Hotel. To our surprise we were pretty lucky all through out our stay in LV. that I ended up bring home 3 bags after our trip

    view from our hotel window

    view of the LV strip from the Stratosphere Tower

beneath those smile were shaking knees...i could not even go near the edge even though there's a protective glass. i needed to hold to the telescope so just that hubby can take a picture of me!!!

my loot of the month. 2 coach bags and 1 dooney and burke purse courtesy of our roulette winnings

in front of the bahay kubo at salo-salo grill and restaurant

spent some time with friends who's in LV as well

PF Changs Restaurant

lounging at planet hollywood hotel

dinner at some korean restaurant..forgot the name of the place!!!

  • a week after i flew to San Jose, Ca to spend 4 days with my family (another post for this)

that's all that kept me busy. other that our short local trips, all we did is work, sleep, and eat!!!


AEC said...

hay, i can so relate to your fear of heights, even escalators in malls, natatakot ako. kahit sa tv, may umaakyat ng mataas, nanglalamig na ang kamay ko!! heehee. :)

Dyes said...

hey, i like your loot!!! ang swerte mo naman :)